Bobby Moynihan - Hot Video - Corn Syrup Commercial, 3/12/11

Saturday, November 28, 2009

People love Bobby Moynihan's Jake the Snake Roberts

ZOË RICE: I thought the 2nd go at this (I guess) recurring sketch was better than the first, but it’s still too much Kenan for me. Al Gore is great, though! I loved watching his expression as he’s hit by the keyboard and then at the end by confetti. Bobby Moynihan’s tap dancing snake-bedecked wrestler made me laugh, and Mindy Kailing’s always refreshing to see. But I still had to fast forward through some of the “What up with that” choruses.

STEVE MURPHY: Oh this just keeps getting better and better. If I could pick any sketch from this season to repeat, it would be this one. Two real and very famous celebrities this time! Even before it started I was excited. Kenan’s best character ever, plus it’s my favorite kind of sketch, where the whole cast ends up on stage in absurd outfits dancing like crazy people. Interrupting Al Gore while he’s talking about the environment is hilarious. Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts? Andy Samberg as the budget clown? Jason Sudeikis breaking it down the whole time in a track suit? Sign me up for this one every time.



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