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Saturday, July 31, 2010

SNL cast from Bobby Moynihan's first season


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Megan's picture of Bobby

From Megan here:


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Is Entourage coming close to Bobby Moynihan's parody?

After a slack sixth season, number seven returns with an equally lethargic bluster. Following the same lazy boilerplate template, “Entourage” is coming too deadly close to this Bobby Moynihan (Saturday Night Live) parody.

Read the rest of the Entourage review here:


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bobby Moynihan - is filming Certainty right now

This image has nothing to do with it:

Check out the Certainty movie here:

Bobby Moynihan is filming Certainty right now. It might even be done filming. I doubt it will release this year since it usually takes awhile to edit, test, and market it.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bobby Moynihan's IMDB professional resume

It's very interesting to look at entertainers' resumes like this, because obviously they don't work like every other industry. It doesn't really speak to accomplishments in jobs. Instead it just lists off the little projects they did. There's got to be a better way to sell an actor/writer than to just list off what they did.

Until then...

Bobby Moynihan


Get the best formatting (and more details about the roles) here:


Performer Profile


Gender: Male
Height: 5 feet 8 in
Hair Color: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: Caucasian




Odenkirk Talent, Naomi Odenkirk, Manager
650 N. Bronson Avenue, Ste. B-145 Los Angelas, California 90004 United States
323-960-4777 naomi at
United Talent Agency, Josh Katz, Jay Gassner, Agent




When in Rome
Invention of Lying
Mystery Team




Saturday Night Live
Saturday Night Live: In the 2000's
Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update Thursday
Saturday NIght Live: Best of Amy Poehler
Saturday Night Live: A Very Gilly Christmas
Saturday Night Live: Presidential Bash
Saturday Night Live: Sports Extra '09
Late Night with Conan O'Brien
The Electric Company
Empire Square
Human Giant
Portable Lounge
It's On with Alexa Chung
VH1's Heartbreakers Hall of Shame
Jump Cuts
Law and Order: SVU
Three Men and a Chick Flick
Mayne Event




ESPN Radio
Bracketologists (ESPN)
MTV'S Rich Girls




The Boys Next Door
Glengarry Glen Ross
Godspell (Jesus)
She Loves Me
King Lear
Merry Wives of Windsor
Anything Goes
Cain and Able




The Stepfathers
Horatio Sanz King's of Improv Tour
UCB Touring Company
Police Chief Rumble
The Shoves
Just For Laughs




ESPN Bracketoligists




The Line
Bro Rape
Bronx World Travelers
The Most Awkward Boy in the World Takes the Subway
Hey! That's Awesome!
Sayid Bombs at Stand-Up
Next Week on Entourage
Another Kind of Monster
Other Music
I Love the 30's
I Love the Middle Ages
Window Seat




Fallin' For You (by Colbie Caillat)


Performer Skills


Performance Skills: Voiceover, Improvisation




University of Connecticut, BFA Acting, Storrs, Connecticut, 1999


Employment Details


Work History: Internet, Voice Over, Film, Radio, Theater, Commercial, Industrial, Television

Job Categories: Writing, Acting



I didn't know Bobby was in so much theater! And, um, Bobby played Jesus. =^O

I think they (Bobby and his manager, Naomi Odenkirk) should be a little more specific. Their "Comedy" category should be "Live Comedy." Because it almost implies his TV and film work, which obviously isn't in that list. And "Video" should be "Music Videos" because he's done a ton of Web and TV videos and shorts that aren't in that list.

Why did they include "Print" as a category? I don't get that one. Is someone going to look at his resume and be like, "But can he model?" Maybe, I guess. If that's what he's going for, it should probably be clearer, like labeled "Modeling for Print," and then he should get a few more examples listed on his resume. He can probably also include shoots he did for magazine interviews (actually, I don't think he's done any of those yet).

"Internet" should probably be "Internet Videos," just so Internet noobs in the Entertainment industry won't think it's like websites he wrote for or something.

Also, it's interesting how they picked what's the most important roles to list first in each category. They probably take into account how successful that piece was and how big his role was in that piece. It's obviously not listed in chronological or alphabetical order (which is fine, because you can just find that on IMDB anyway).

I think it's interesting how they list out SNL and each SNL special he's been in. A little unnecessary but it drives his contribution to the show home a little more clearly (although I almost wish they itemized out his most famous characters and skits).



Sunday, July 18, 2010

People want Bobby Moynihan's Sticky Bar SNL skit!!!

I was reminded recently of how much people want Bobby Moynihan's Sticky Bar sketch to be posted online.

On our SNL post over at our, you'll see an 8-comment conversation devoted to wanting to get that skit online.

Here is the page:

Justina said:

i really want to find the sticky bar skit!!!! Justina

Anony said:

me too!

Another Anony said:

Same, yo. It's like the only skit not on there and that s**t is just hilarious. It must be a comedy of errors.

TAE said:

Ah, Bobby Moynihan's Sticky Bar sketch. Have you seen his first one, the Pepper sketch? (It's the first Unos/Mark Payne sketch; this is the second.)

Anony said:

Still waiting for the Sticky Bar sketch. Would love to see it again.

Greeneyedgurl said...

I can't find the Sticky Bar Sketch ANYWHERE! I've tried looking on basically any website, and all I've found was the transcripts to the show. :/

Another Anony said:

It's been months and the world is STILL waiting for the Sticky Bar sketch to be free!!! This is so wrong.

TAE said:

Agreed. It's also sad that Bobby tried his Mark Payne character twice more and those never made it.


It's also up as an unanswered question on Yahoo Answers:

Becky and Vicki were looking for it over on Technology Answers:

Come on NBC! Upload the video!


Friday, July 16, 2010

Bobby Moynihan's look

This is Bobby's look:


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bobby Moynihan - His early years

This is an old one, but it's good.

Live from New York - it’s Bobby Moynihan!

Whatever you do, don’t call Bobby Moynihan’s gig as [a] “Saturday Night Live” cast member an overnight success story.

It’s been a long journey for the 31-year-old Eastchester native, one that began on the Eastchester High School stage, continued at the University of Connecticut and gained momentum through Manhattan’s Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

“It’s so funny, people are like, ‘You got this big break out of nowhere,’”
Moynihan said in his office, sandwiched between the 30 Rockefeller Plaza rooms belonging to veteran player Darrell Hammond and “SNL” head writer Seth Meyers.
“I’ve been doing comedy for eight years. I’ve been trying really, really hard to get here.”
Moynihan’s mother, Julie, said her son had played Santa Claus in a class show when he was in third grade but didn’t consider acting as a potential career path until he was older.

“In the beginning, it was just to have fun and be with his friends,” she said.

In 1990, Moynihan auditioned for the first time to be in an Eastchester Youth Council summer theater production. He was cast as the Scarecrow in “The Wizard of Oz,” the first of many shows he’d do with EYC.

Bunny Rappaport and her daughter, Susan, have served as producer and director, respectively, for all 25 EYC shows. They saw the funny faces he makes in Studio 8H years earlier, when he played Tevye in “Fiddler on the Roof,” Alfred Doolittle in “My Fair Lady” and a cross-dressing gangster in “Kiss Me, Kate.”

“I can’t think of anything more gratifying to watch a young boy who started (acting regularly) in seventh grade mature into what we knew he had in him,” Bunny Rappaport said. “I always felt that he had that comic background.”

During the school year, Moynihan performed with the Eastchester Players’ Club. His two favorite EHS roles were dramatic ones: Randle P. McMurphy, the lead in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” and Judas in “Godspell,” which required him to whirl around the stage in rollerblades.

Moynihan worked most of his teenage years as a lifeguard at Eastchester’s Lake Isle Park.

“Every time it rained, we would just grab garbage bags, poke two armholes and a head hole, and go out to the golf course and slide down the golf course in the pouring rain,” he said.

After studying acting at the University of Connecticut, Bobby trained, toured and taught with the UCB Theatre - cofounded by “SNL’s” Amy Poehler - and became a standout performer with several house teams, most recently with The Stepfathers.

“I started UCB a couple months before Amy got ‘SNL,’ and I started ‘SNL’ six episodes before she finished,” he said. “She created the theater that I started at, and you just look at her and you’re just like, ‘This is amazing.’ I owe a lot to her.”

After graduating from UConn, TV beckoned- slowly. His shoulder appeared on the short-lived Alan Arkin vehicle “100 Centre Street,” then Moynihan got some face time (but no lines) on an episode of “Law & Order.” His resume reel picked up when he voiced the character of Rabbit on the Fuse animated comedy “Empire Square,” showed up repeatedly for bits on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” and hammed it up in ESPN commercials.

The Internet helped as well. He made a cameo in a comedy viral video, “Bro Rape,” which has more than 5.5 million views on YouTube. And [summer 2008] he appeared in the Seth Meyers-directed comedy Web-series “The Line,” featuring “SNL” cast members Bill Hader and Jason Sudeikis.

Moynihan spent two years prepping for his first - unsuccessful - “SNL” audition last year in front of series creator Lorne Michaels, Meyers and casting agents. Those results left Moynihan “devastated,” he said, but the free time allowed him to act in two movies due next year.

Soon after wrapping production on “When in Rome” - he plays the best friend of Josh Duhamel’s character - Moynihan got another shot at “SNL.” He had only four days to write all new material for “the most important six minutes of your life.”

“I freaked out,” he says. “I didn’t sleep for three days.”
He developed bits for his impressions of Nathan Lane, Jack Black and “Snagglepuss at a swingers’ bar.”

With an Aug. 13 phone call, Michaels told Moynihan he had made the cut. He said he spent much of the afternoon in disbelief sitting on a park bench near Eastchester Town Hall.

What was his mother’s reaction? “Just shock, disbelief, happiness,” Julie Moynihan said. “All the emotions you would feel when you want your child to have their dream.”

In his “SNL” debut, Moynihan was grateful to lead a full-length sketch that featured Poehler and centered on the flamboyant Mark Payne, a pepper-obsessed character inspired by his bartending work at Pizzeria Uno in Yonkers.

“I honestly think the only reason it got on was because Michael Phelps was hosting,” he said, adding that athletes are not expected to carry sketches the way trained actors do.
Moynihan’s mother, who still lives and works in Eastchester, watched the debut with close friends and family.

“We just realized the dream when we heard his name announced,” she said. “I think everybody in the area of Huntley must have heard us.”

As the credits rolled for that episode, a jumping Tina Fey - whose Sarah Palin impersonation returned a bright spotlight to “SNL” - pointed at Moynihan with both hands. Since then, Moynihan has done sketches with Anne Hathaway, Anna Faris, James Franco, Josh Brolin, Jon Hamm, Bill Murray, Maya Rudolph, and Palin herself.

“‘I don’t want it to end.’ I already am like, ‘I wish we had 50 episodes,’” he said. “It’s the greatest. I could not be happier.”


Monday, July 12, 2010

Bobby Moynihan - His characters part 2

“I’ve been on the show for two years now and I’ve been such a fan of it all my life and you have so many of these moments where you just look up and you hear the band playing the music and you’re just like, ‘I’m here. I can’t believe it.’”

- Bobby Moynihan

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bobby Moynihan - His characters part 1

“If my sketch doesn’t get on or if I get cut… you know, the Steve Martin episode was on my birthday and I’d been thinking about it for months. Like, what are the chances of my birthday falling on a Saturday and Steve Martin hosting? This is the greatest gift I’ve ever gotten in my entire life… and I got completely shut out of the live show— I was in one of the digital shorts. And you’re upset and devastated but it’s just that thing of: Don’t complain, don’t hide and don’t let anybody know that you’re upset because it doesn’t matter. It’s about the show, it’s not about you. If you pout and complain, you’re going to look like an asshole. I’m still a nerd. If I’m not in the show I go down the studio and just watch because I feel so lucky I’m even able to be in the building.”

- Bobby Moynihan

Thursday, July 8, 2010

More about the Lost skit that Bobby Moynihan mentioned

This was one of the questions Seth Meyers answered during a SportsNation chat.

Amy (Ireland)
I did an interview with Bobby Moynihan and he mentioned that you wrote a Lost sketch that was cut from the finale. (a) How on earth was that cut?! (b) Can you spill any details about the sketch itself?

Seth Meyers (1:56 PM)
Alec Baldwin played a guy who was on the flight but had kept to himself since the crash because he didn't like how no one ever answered any questions. It was fairly cut.

Seth Meyers (1:56 PM)
But thank you for your support!



Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bobby Moynihan's MySpace page

I'm pretty sure Bobby isn't on the site anymore, but he set it up back in 2007:

Bobby still doesn't have a twitter.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cowboy Hiphop is not an SNL skit (Bobby Moynihan mentioned)

Wait, we don't recognize anyone from the "SNL" cast -- Fred Amisen, Abby Elliot, Will Forte, Bill Hader, Bobby Moynihan, Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis -- in this infomercial about a new dance craze called Cowboy Hip Hop.


We're posting this just cuz Bobby Moynihan's name was used for this joke. Think about it... Kenan, Andy, Jenny, Seth, and Nasim weren't listed here, and previous SNL players weren't listed. So this is just a showing of the perception that Bobby Moynihan is a legitimate member and mainstay on SNL. Now if Lorne will just promote him to main cast (and not featured player) this next year. I assume Lorne will promote Abby and Bobby (and maybe Nasim; I think Jenny is the most likely to be featured for another year, and possibly Nasim as well).


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bobby Moynihan mentioned as a draw for Chelsea, New York

Chelsea may not be New York's most picturesque district, but it has its enticements. Comedy fans should visit the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre along the street, which puts on improv shows for as little as $5, often showcasing rising stars – some of the current performances include Zach Woods (The Office/In The Loop) and Bobby Moynihan (Saturday Night Live).

Read the rest here:


It's cool that Bobby is a draw for the Chelsea district and for UCB.


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