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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bobby Moynihan - In The Line

In summer 2008, Moynihan had a supporting role in the popular web-series The Line, an online video project funded by Lorne Michaels' production company, directed by SNL head writer Seth Meyers, and starring SNL cast members Bill Hader and Jason Sudeikis.

Bobby plays one of the Telepathic Triplets of Cybar. This helped him get to know the SNL cast before he got his audition on SNL. It makes sense, because Bobby had a huge Web short resume at this point.

This role was key for Bobby Moynihan getting onto SNL.

EPISODE 1: 1st in Line

Josh is first in line for the long awaited final chapter of FutureSpace! Only 11 days early! With Duffy hanging with him the wait should be simple. No one expects the Telepathic Triplets of Cybar whose mission is to be first in line at all costs.

EPISODE 2: 5-Minute Rule

Trapped by the 5 minute rule! Josh finds that somethings have changed since his college days. Lacking food & soap Josh's girlfriend shows up with a unwelcome surprise - her old college study partner!

Bill Hader's ex-girlfriend is played by Liz Cackowski, who is Akiva Schaffer's girlfriend.

EPISODE 3: The Spoiler

There's crazy, and then there's "line crazy." Josh runs out for water, Duffy channels his animal instincts, and "The Spoiler" rears his ugly head. It's a dangerous day to be a delivery man, and it's a hard day in: "THE LINE."

EPISODE 4: Quality Time

Can you be a good father in 5 minute or less? It's Duffy's ultimate test, juggling quality time with his son and devotion to the line. It's madness but someone's got to do it.

EPISODE 5: Trivia Takedown

Bill Hadar (Pineapple Express, Saturday Night Live, Superbad) & Joe Lo Truglio put everything on the line when Bill pits his trivia knowledge against the mysterious stranger (Jon Glaser). Can they keep 1st place or will they be shoved to the back of the line.

EPISODE 6: Fight 4 Your Right

The Spoiler returns with even deadlier information. Nerdier than his first appearance. It's a sequel not to be missed. Who will stand up to save the day?

EPISODE 7: Premiere

SEASON FINALE: 11 days of madness for Josh and 1 giant win for dorks. But, Josh has the most difficult test he has ever faced before him. How strong is his need to see FutureSpace?


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bobby Moynihan - is Turtle in Every Week on Entourage

Bobby Moynihan has acted in a number of comedy shorts for the website, including their recent web-video Every Week on Entourage where he plays "Turtle" from Entourage.

So many twists and turns you'll forget they've been using the same formula for five seasons.

On YouTube:

Or watch it here:

They probably thought of Bobby to play Turtle because they saw him play Turtle in the Neil Patrick Harris episode in January 09 (the College Humor Entourage spoofs came in July 09.

Here is the Neil Patrick Harris monologue where Bobby plays Turtle:

While Bobby's movie roles are few and far between, he continues to appear in Web videos until he gets more TV and movie roles.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Zoe doesn't love Bobby Moynihan (300 review)

ZOË RICE: I appreciate the concept that before sending his men to battle, Sparta’s King Leonidas must grapple with his “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. But in execution, most of the laughs are a bit too one-note. Still, cod pieces can be funny. I’ve been perplexed by Howard and Steve’s enthusiasm for Bobby Moynihan, and again in this skit he doesn’t really do it for me. Though I don’t hate him, I’ve never yet loved him. But I continue to enjoy Gerard Butler as host.

STEVE MURPHY: Moderately funny in parts. Leonidas’ slow realization that his entire army is gay ended up making me laugh a couple times, but really it was Bobby Moynihan’s halter-top armor and completely exposed belly that was the high point of this sketch for me. That guy’s a star, Zoe, you’ll see!

HOWARD MEGDAL: It’s all about the material he’s given. This skit was a bit heavy-handed, but entertaining enough.



I have to agree with Howard and Steve. Bobby did have the highlight of that boring skit which seemed to be more about making fun of the homosexuality in the military news story than about actual humor.

They could have done so much more with a 300 skit. So kudos to Bobby for being the highlight of the skit.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Krazy Katie takes a crack at Bobby Moynihan's Peppa!

whoa were weird.
"I suggest you
eat a bowl of hair."


Friday, October 23, 2009

Kyli draws Bobby Moynihan

My drawing of Bobby Moynihan from SNL. "Smells like PEPPA up in here!" =) Anyway, hope everyone likes it! Please comment, rate, and subscribe! Thanks! -Kyli


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bobby Moynihan - can't quite reach the "Mystery Team"

Cute image from the "Mystery Team."

It was an independent film from Derrick Comedy released to festivals in early 2009. I don't believe it got picked up.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bobby Moynihan's Doogie Howser pic

This pic is just too funny. Bobby is so goofy! Had to share it!

It's from:

Doogie Howser Theme - January 10, 2009

Neil Patrick Harris and the entire [SNL] cast perform the theme to Doogie Howser, M.D.. While Harris wears a tuxedo, the SNL cast dresses as Doogie Howser, wearing lab coats, a picture ID of Doogie, dress shirts, blond wigs, colorful ties, acid washed jeans, and Nike hi-tops (Armisen and Samberg wear green sunglasses as well). Harris plays keyboard; Wilson, Abby Elliott, and Michaela Watkins play violin; Bobby Moynihan plays tuba; Thompson plays harp; Hader plays saxophone; Hammond plays trumpet; Wiig plays electric guitar; Sudeikis plays double bass; Forte plays drum kit; Armisen plays synthesizer; and Samberg plays an Akai MPC 2000XL drum machine. At the end of the performance, Harris sheds a tear.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bobby Moynihan - is a caller, Josh (Game Time with Randy and Greg)

SNL 10/17/09 - Gerard Butler and Shakira

Show: Game Time With Randy And Greg

Greg is not an alien.

Gerard Butler ... Cal Saslow
Bill Hader ... Greg
Seth Meyers ... Brad, caller (voice)
Bobby Moynihan ... Josh, caller (voice)
Jason Sudeikis ... Eddie, caller (voice)
Kenan Thompson ... Randy Dukes

Greg still isn't an alien. Hehehehehe. This is their second round of this skit. Definitely funny enough to bring back.

Bobby plays Josh and says, "What planet are they from, Greg's? ... should we be ready for somethin?"


Monday, October 19, 2009

Bobby Moynihan - is another Warrior (Daveheart)

SNL 10/17/09 - Gerard Butler and Shakira

Commercial: Daveheart

Meet Braveheart's significantly less brave brother, Dave.

Gerard Butler ... Dave
Will Forte ... warrior
Bill Hader ... warrior
Bobby Moynihan ... warrior
Jenny Slate ... maiden
Jason Sudeikis ... warrior

Bobby plays his third and final warrior character of the episode.

Bobby pipes up as a Scotish warrior. Dave's a coward. Not terribly funny.


Bobby Moynihan - is the Spartan with the body (300)

SNL 10/17/09 - Gerard Butler and Shakira

Sketch: 300 - The Spartans

The men of Sparta are pretty close.

Gerard Butler ... King Leonidas
Fred Armisen ... warrior
Will Forte ... Astinos
Bill Hader ... Stefanos
Bobby Moynihan ... warrior
Jason Sudeikis ... Stelios

Yeah, apparently this is a send-up of Obama and gay rights in the military. Bobby makes fun of his figure openly here.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bobby Moynihan - is Cogsworth (Beauty and the Beast)

SNL 10/17/09 - Gerard Butler and Shakira

Sketch: Beauty and the Beast

Beastly is in the eye of the beholder.

Gerard Butler ... Beast
Bill Hader ... Lumiere
Bobby Moynihan ... Cogsworth
Jenny Slate ... Mrs. Potts
Kristen Wiig ... Belle

Bobby is Cogsworth!!! Hahahaha. Only Bobby could pull that one off.

Is it just me, or are more of these showing up since Bobby came on? Mary Poppins... Beauty and the Beast... it's pure fun for Disney lovers!

This is the one in which Belle leaves the freaks.


Bobby Moynihan - in The Stepfathers (blast to the past)

So the Stepfathers was one of the improv groups Bobby was in before SNL came knocking. This is from January 2008, so this is a good 8 months before Bobby started on SNL.


Bobby Moynihan, Zach Woods, Christina Gausas, Michael Delaney, and Chris Gethard

The Stepfathers

Some of the smartest & finest improv comics in NYC—Michael Delaney, Christina Gausas,

Chris Gethard, Will Hines, Bobby Moynihan, Shannon O'Neill, Silvija Ozols,

and Zach Woods—make up a series of scenes from a one-word audience suggestion.

With art and grace, these star talents will make you laugh—a lot.

9:30 pm at UCBT, 307 West 26th Street (off 8th Avenue); tickets are $8


Join seven of New York's top longform improvisors as they get together to take you on a tour of everything that's both cute and brutal.

This supergroup of improv veterans includes Michael Delaney (The Swarm), Chris Gethard (Arsenal, Darryl Strawberry's One Man Show), Will Hines (1985), Bobby Moynihan (Buffoons, The Shoves), Shannon O'Neill (fwand), Silvija Ozols (Creep, Rogue Elephant), Andrew Secunda (The Swarm), and Zach Woods (The Shoves).



Saturday, October 17, 2009

David liked Bobby's Al Fresco skit (SNL review)

With very little that's positive to say about the show, David's review of the Bobby, Andy, and Drew skit came through as a light in the darkness...

The “Cooking Al Fresco” thing with Samberg and Barrymore doing a cooking show on the roof seemed at first like a reason for Bobby Moynihan to dust off his Guy Fieri, which, like most of his performances, involves him mugging like crazy and shouting at the camera. But the evolving bit with the birds dive-bombing the chefs, then daintily eating the food, then devouring Fieri and dropping his skeletal corpse, worked for me because the joke actually changed each time...



Friday, October 16, 2009

Howard agrees that Bobby Moynihan is a star (review of the Vinny skit)

Check out this review of Bobby Moynihan's Vinny sketch last week with Drew Barrymore...

ZOË RICE: Ugh, Bill Heder’s Italian RAI rivista is one of my least favorite recurring sketches. When is there ever anything fresh in this skit? Bill Hader does an over-the-top Italian accent, and the hosts are rarely showcased in any funny or provocative way. Add in Drew Barrymore sucking even at playing herself, and I was itching for the fast forward button.

STEVE MURPHY: Another of my favorite recurring sketches! I don’t care that it always starts with the same “I don’t speak Italian,” joke and the guys eating spaghetti. I laugh every single time. But this one fell a little flat, thanks to Drew’s lack of believability and a general lack of innovation. This sketch needs a little less formula, a fresh new joke every now and again would really spice it up. That’s three weak sketches in a row… not good.

HOWARD MEGDAL: But I’m always happy to spend time listening to Bill Hader. No argument here on the sketch, though I also love Bobby Moynihan as his son. Steve is right; Moynihan is a star.



Go here to check out the full episode...

SNL 10/10/09 - Drew Barrymore and Regina Spektor:


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Steve would like to know why they're still featuring Bobby Moynihan

STEVE MURPHY: First of all… we’re still just “featuring” Bobby Moynihan? The guy’s a star. I’ve loved him since that Single Ladies sketch last year, and I think he deserves a full-time “starring” role.

Excerpt from:


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Colbie Caillat briefly mentions her music video with Bobby Moynihan

The video for “Fallin’ ” gives viewers a glimpse into what Reeves and the rest of her friends see, the “real” Caillat, she said. The clip features “Saturday Night Live’s” Bobby Moynihan as her love interest.

“It was so much fun,” Caillat said. “I wanted to show a different side. Usually when I do performances or interviews, I’m more reserved and quiet. When I’m with my friends and people I work with, they see the funny, silly side of me.”

Click here to watch the music video:


Colbie is performing tonight:

Who: Colbie Caillat with Howie Day

When: 6:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 9

Where: Royal Oak Music Theatre, 318 W. Fourth St., Royal Oak

Cost: $25 in advance; $28 day of show

Info: or 1-800-919-6272 or (248) 399-2980


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bobby Moynihan - is Liam in Gilly (10/10/09)

Update: We added the image. Originally posted 10/13/09

Sketch - Gilly

"I think I got confused. I made socks for a puppet, oh gosh!"

Drew Barrymore ... Gigli
Abby Elliott ... Paula
Will Forte ... Mr. Dillon
Bobby Moynihan ... Liam
Kenan Thompson ... Sam Jeffers
Kristen Wiig ... Gilly

Bobby is hilarious with his response about his grandma. Abby makes a good addition as Paula.


Bobby Moynihan - is Vinny's son (10/10/09)

Show - La Rivista Della Televisione

Italian talk show hosts have secrets too.

Drew Barrymore
Fred Armisen ... crew member
Will Forte ... crew member
Bill Hader ... Vinny Vedecci
Bobby Moynihan ... Vinny's son

One of Bobby's best characters, and he wasn't originally in the skit. He's drinking too much. =^)


Bobby Moynihan - is a cyclist (Digital Short - Brenda & Shaun)

SNL Digital Short - Brenda & Shaun

Drew Barrymore ... Brenda
Fred Armisen ... Shaun
Abby Elliott ... girl
John Lutz ... guy
Bobby Moynihan ... cyclist
Nasim Pedrad ... girl
Andy Samberg ... guy
Jenny Slate ... girl
Kenan Thompson ... guy

Bobby Moynihan would rather get help. =^)


Monday, October 12, 2009

Bobby Moynihan - is Ethel Barrymore (Drew Barrymore monologue)


Drew recounts the Barrymore dynasty.

Drew Barrymore
Abby Elliott ... Gertrude Barrymore
Bill Hader ... John Barrymore
Bobby Moynihan ... actor
Nasim Pedrad ... girl
Andy Samberg ... Cecil Barrymore
Jenny Slate ... girl
Kenan Thompson ... Darius Barrymore
Kristen Wiig ... Ethel Barrymore

Bobby doesn't get much of a chance to show off his impression here. More of a supporting role, but he looks right on!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bobby Moynihan - is Guy Fieri (Cooking Al Fresco)

SNL 10/10/09 - Drew Barrymore and Regina Spektor

Show - cooking al fresco

Drew Barrymore ... Fran Jones
Bill Hader ... announcer (voice)
Bobby Moynihan ... Guy Fieri
Andy Samberg ... Phil O'Brien

Yay! They finally give Bobby a shot to host a show, and his first show features his hilarious Guy Fieri impression!

Great job Bobby! Next we want to see you do a "Nathan Lane Show" where you get your guests to sing your songs with you!


Steve liked Bobby on Celebrity Family Feud

STEVE MURPHY: My two favorites on the show performed ably despite their small parts: Kristin Wiig cracked me up by just standing there smiling awkwardly, and Bobby Moynihan is hilarious as usual with only a single phrase: ‘pot holders.’ This sketch was a big success despite the old-school premise. Good work, writers!



Saturday, October 10, 2009

Did Bobby write Andy Samberg's Shep skit?

Andy Samberg plays Shep, a University of Connecticut senior.

The latest "Saturday Night Live" character is a senior from the University of Connecticut.

As portrayed by Andy Samberg, the goofy looking UConn student named Shep has big plastic rimmed glasses with thick lenses, braces on his teeth, Spider-man on his T-shirt and not a lot of sexual experience. That was the basis of the sketch between Shep and Seth Myers on "SNL Weekend Update Thursday" about his being the only one in his dorm to miss getting swine flu, mainly because nobody has been in contact with him.

No reason why it was the UConn that was cited as his school. At this point it's never clear whether it's a homage to a specific person or just a random detail. One of the newer members of the ensemble, Bobby Moynihan, however, is a UConn grad, so maybe he had a hand in assigning a school for the holder of the Loopner legacy.

Either way, it's another feather in the cap of a place that regularly pops up on lists of top party schools.


Saturday Night Live is on tonight! I hope Bobby busts out his Nathan Lane impression again!


Friday, October 9, 2009

Bobby Moynihan - Is Wayne Osmond (Celebrity Family Feud)

SNL 10/03/09 - Ryan Reynolds & Lady Gaga

Game Show: Celebrity Family Feud

One of these families has a skeleton in the closet. John Phillips' family VS Donny Osmond's family.

Ryan Reynolds ... Donny Osmond
Fred Armisen ... The other Osmond
Abby Elliott ... Marie Osmond
Bill Hader ... Announcer (voice)
Bill Hader ... John Phillips
Bobby Moynihan ... Wayne Osmond
Nasim Pedrad ... Genevieve Phillips
Andy Samberg ... Jeff Sessler
Jason Sudeikis ... Richard Dawson
Kristen Wiig ... Mackenzie Phillips

Good contrast between the two families. Abby knocks out a great Marie Osmond (not to mention Ryan's fantastic Donny Osmond).

Andy Samberg ruins it for the show. =^)

Bobby knocks it out of the park with, "pot holders."


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bobby Moynihan - Looking for a Pavement Album (Indie Music Clerks)

Here he is with Aziz Ansari and Andy Blitz in this old video (Aziz went on to Human Giant and Parks & Recreation).

He leaves about halfway through.

So this video is from Human Giant and was on their Web site before they made the show. It was one of the sketches they made that got them the show. It was on YT, but I think they cleared all their old Human Giant stuff off.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bobby Moynihan - Colbie Caillat music video: Fallin' For You

Bobby does his goofball shtick. Hilarious!

With intro:



Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bobby Moynihan - SNL Statistics, 10/03/09 - Ryan Reynolds & Lady Gaga

Appearance Statistics:

Ryan Reynolds 7
Fred Armisen 6
Andy Samberg 6
Kristen Wiig 6
Lady Gaga 4
Bill Hader 4
Nasim Pedrad 4
Jason Sudeikis 4
Kenan Thompson 4
Bobby Moynihan 3
Jenny Slate 2
Abby Elliott 2
Will Forte 1
Seth Meyers 1
Lorne Michaels 1
Bryan Tucker 1
Scarlett Johansson 1
Madonna 1
Darrell Hammond 1
Elijah Wood 1

Overall, this was not a good night for Jenny Slate and Will Forte.

Nasim Pedrad did a great job as Mrs. Ahmadinejad and filled in some needed roles.

I would say the same about Abby Elliott, but as Marie Osmond and Nancy Grace, she had a memorable evening.

Likewise, Bobby Moynihan had a solid performance in the digital short and a stellar Nathan Lane. So for only two sketches, he made them count.


Blog Update - We're changing a few things

If you haven't noticed yet, we're making a few changes.

We made the post section wider (so you don't have to scroll down as much to read and so you can see the wide videos and images), we added the tags section on the right, we added the hot video to the top (for those who want the latest and greatest Bobby video), and we added the "What's Hot" section on the bottom-left under the posts. That way if you come to the end and there aren't more posts, you can click one of those articles/videos and keep enjoying Bobby Moynihan goodness!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Bobby Moynihan - Tries to give Andy Samberg an energy drink (Digital Short: On The Ground)

SNL 10/03/09 - Ryan Reynolds & Lady Gaga

Digital Short: On The Ground

Alternate Title: "I'm An Adult"

Andy throws things on the ground and meets a shocking end.

Ryan Reynolds ... Himself
Elijah Wood ... Himself
Bobby Moynihan ... Salesman
Andy Samberg ... Singer
Jenny Slate ... Girlfriend
Bryan Tucker ... Salesman

Musically, the song sounds like "Like a Boss." However, this is an original piece that is unique and hilarious. They are constantly taking you in a new direction with the same "ground" gag. This is also a great use of Ryan Reynolds (and Elijah Wood) to get him involved in a digital short song in a humorous way. Elijah's expression when they're tasing Andy is HILARIOUS!!!

Also, Bryan Tucker (an SNL writer) appears as the hot dog man. Bryan is known for playing Roy in "Roy Rules." Good to see Jenny Slate in an SNL Digital Short (she knows what's up), and Bobby Moynihan also has a strong role (as the energy drink guy).

Bobby Moynihan pulls out a memorable appearance as the energy drink salesman.

Full Episode:


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bobby Moynihan - Is Nathan Lane (So You Committed A Crime...)

SNL 10/03/09 - Ryan Reynolds & Lady Gaga

TV Show: So You Committed A Crime & You Think You Can Dance

This new show has a built-in jailhouse audience.

Ryan Reynolds ... Dixon Carrothers
Fred Armisen ... Owen Schecter
Abby Elliott ... Nancy Grace
Will Forte ... Joseph Corey Wayne
Bill Hader ... Phil Spector
Bobby Moynihan ... Nathan Lane
Nasim Pedrad ... Lea
Andy Samberg ... Kevin Federline
Jenny Slate ... Rebecca
Jason Sudeikis ... Sergeant Tim Grasser
Kenan Thompson ... Mike Potts
Kristen Wiig ... Cassie

Andy gets to host a show as the now fat Kevin Federline!

Literally every cast member was in this skit! Great combination of a live skit with video footage.

Bobby Moynihan knocked his Nathan Lane out of the park! The boy has pipes. We need a Nathan Lane show! At least bring Nathan Lane to Weekend Update to see if we like him enough (he just got lost here in all of this)! Plus Abby Elliott pulled out a fantastic Nancy Grace.


Bobby Moynihan - Freaks out cuz the plane's about to crash (Flight Attendants)

Flight Attendants

Summary: Flight attendants (Kristen Wiig, Megan Fox) are unnaturally upbeat and bubbly while announcing devastating news from the cabin.

Megan Fox ... Carla, flight attendant
Kristen Wiig ... flight attendant
Andy Samberg ... passenger from Hawaii
Abby Elliott ... passenger; Andy's girl
Bill Hader ... pilot (voice)
John Lutz ... passenger
Bobby Moynihan ... passenger
Nasim Pedrad ... passenger
Jenny Slate ... passenger

Andy and Abby play the main straight characters here. Not a good use of Bobby.

Look for appearances from newcomers Nasim and Jenny in the front row (you really only see them in the final shot). Kevin Lutz and Emily Spivey appear at the bottom of the wide shot. They are SNL staff writers.

Kevin Lutz appears in the Flight Attendant sketch (wearing glasses at the bottom of the shot of all the passengers). Kevin is an SNL writer (since 2004) and he's an actor on 30 Rock. This is Kevin's 16th appearance on SNL in a bit role.

Emily Spivey is a writer on SNL since 2001, and she's appeared as an audience member and in other bit roles 4 times now. Emily is sitting next to Kevin on the bottom of the wide shot.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bobby Moynihan - Is Garfield (Save the Comics)

Here's one from the Seth Rogen episode last year:

NBC didn't post it, but we found it.

Not much of an impression from Bobby, but it's still funny.

Here's a description:

After the first ad break, the newspaper industry seems to have chosen 2009 as the year it completely fails, and what will this mean for the old-school funny pages? The comic strips have taken things in their own hands, with Dick Tracy (Sudeikis) leading a rally for "Save The Funnies." Everything about this echoes a sketch in January with Neil Patrick Harris helping to save Broadway, with most of the cast involved. This time, we're making fun of comic strip jokes. Which means trying to mine safe humor for broad TV humor. Will it work? Could it work? Hagar the Horrible (Rogen) and his wife, Helga (Casey Wilson). Archie (Hader) and Veronica (Elliott). Garfield (Moynihan) and Jon (Will Forte), although Dick Tracy confuses Garfield for Heathcliff. "Do all orange cats look alike?" Which then leads to confusion over Kenan Thompson's character. This happened in the Broadway sketch, and this time, Thompson is thought to be part of "The Boondocks" cast, when really, he writes the bridge column. Darrell Hammond makes his weekly rare appearance as the Jumbles guy. "Kucf you!" Cathy (Samberg) is the memorable one?! There's a Far Side reference. Stand-up Mike Drucker (who works behind the scenes) gets onscreen as "political cartoon" not being subtle as an AIG robber. Peppermint Patty (Wiig) and Marcie (Michaela Watkins) from Peanuts get caught making out. But hey, it's 2009! Armisen ends up finishing the sketch as the funniest thing in it, the Sudoku savior.


Friday, October 2, 2009

Bobby Moynihan - Is a Live Lounge caller (video)

Commercial: Live Lounge

Megan Fox answers calls.

Megan Fox ... Crystal
Fred Armisen ... caller
Abby Elliott ... caller
Will Forte ... caller
Bill Hader ... caller
Bobby Moynihan ... caller
Nasim Pedrad ... caller
Jenny Slate ... caller
Emily Spivey ... caller
Jason Sudeikis ... caller
Kristen Wiig ... caller

Bobby Moynihan was the best expression! Also, you get clear looks at Nasim Pedrad and Jenny Slate. Nasim is at 0:28, Bobby's at 0:42, and Jenny's at 0:47.

This skit is short and sweet.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bobby Moynihan - In Invention of Lying

Bobby Moynihan plays an assistant in the upcoming film, Invention to Lying.

Here is the preview (sans Bobby):

The film opens this Friday, October 2.

Note: Bobby is uncredited by a lot of sites, but a lot of sites credit him. So we might need to verify that he's in the film.


Bobby Moynihan - SNL Statistics, 9/26/09 - Megan Fox & U2

SNL, 9/26/09 - Megan Fox & U2

Total appearances in this episode...

Megan Fox 9
U2 3
Brian Austin Green 1

Cast members:

Kristen Wiig 5
Bill Hader 5 (but 3 were voices and 1 was filmed)
Fred Armisen 4
Bobby Moynihan 4
Will Forte 4
Jenny Slate 4 (1 voice and 1 taped)
Abby Elliott 2
Jason Sudeikis 2
Kenan Thompson 2
Nasim Pedrad 2 (1 voice)
Andy Samberg 2
John Lutz 1
Seth Meyers 1
Emily Spivey 1 (voice only)

Bobby Moynihan has a strong showing, including the most talked about piece, as the naked Optimus Prime. He also gives us his recurring character, the classic audience member. So this was a good run for Bobby!

Darrell Hammond was not in this episode. I think Darrell's final negotiations for this season are that he's off the show and occasionally stopping by to do his impressions.

Jenny Slate fires on all guns, getting into 4 skits for her first episode and introduces us to the biker chick characters with Kristen Wiig (including Kristen in a character skit is a wise first move, because it will probably get a sequel). However, firing on all guns also resulted in the curse flub (see my earlier notes in the biker chicks skit).

Nasim Pedrad didn't give us much here, but she did give us a great Kathy Griffin impression last Thursday. She'll need to up her game.

Andy Samberg was underutilized.

Kevin Lutz appears in the Flight Attendant sketch (wearing glasses at the bottom of the shot of all the passengers). Kevin is an SNL writer (since 2004) and he's an actor on 30 Rock. This is Kevin's 16th appearance on SNL in a bit role.

Emily Spivey is a writer on SNL since 2001, and she's appeared as an audience member and in other bit roles 4 times now. Emily is sitting next to Kevin on the bottom of the wide shot.

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