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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bobby Moynihan is Newt Gingrich in September GOP Debate (SNL Cold Open)

SNL is back, and here's how the show started. Andy didn't have any major digital shorts or anything, but it was still a great episode. More later. Here's the Cold Opening...

It's yet another 2011 GOP Debate, featuring Mitt Romney and Rick Perry along with a bunch of other people.

Jason Sudeikis plays Mitt Romney. Alec Baldwin plays Rick Perry. Kristen Wiig plays Michele Bachmann. Taran Killam plays John Huntsman. Ron Paul... Kenan plays Herman Cain. Andy Samberg plays Rick Santorum. And Bobby Moynihan plays Newt Gingrich.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Bobby Moynihan brings on the fat jokes (Dying Wish on SNL)

Wounded soliders have some very serious dying wishes.

This one doesn't end well, but it's pretty funny for awhile.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bobby Moynihan with Justin Timberlake in Mozart (from Dress Rehearsal)

A Justin Timberlake Dress Rehearsal Exclusive!

Bobby plays one of the friends of Mozart.

This one obviously ran too long for the jokes it got. It was amusing, but it was fairly similar to the immigrants one they did previously, so I can see why it got cut.

The crowd loved Justin's Bieber line. And of course it ended well...

"I'm bringing sexy, Bach."

Hahahahaha. Nice.

I think this skit would have been better if Justin sang and or danced as Mozart, kind of like John Belushi did as Bach back in 1975.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bobby Moynihan is a contestant on Secret Word (Justin Timberlake)

Gameshow - Secret Word

Justin Timberlake ... The Mysterious Crandell
Abby Elliott ... contestant
Bill Hader ... Lyle Round
Steve Higgins ... announcer (voice)
Bobby Moynihan ... Tavi
Kristen Wiig ... Mindy Gracin

It's the game show that the stars play. Just keep the secret word a secret!

Bobby was only in two skits this week, and he played the straight man in both skits (so nothing silly from Bobby this week).

I'm not 100% sure why they keep doing this skit (this is the 5th time and the 3rd time this season). My guess is that the hosts like the opportunity to play old 60s characters. But even so, there's got to be a better way to do that.

Regardless, it's got funny moments; it's just hard to sustain the humor throughout the whole skit.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bobby Moynihan is Doug in Amusement Park Ride 2

When a carnival ride breaks down, the animatronic characters have their eyes on a lovely lady.

Sketch - Merryville Love Tunnel

Justin Timberlake ... robot
Paul Brittain ... robot
Bill Hader ... robot
Taran Killam ... robot
Bobby Moynihan ... Doug
Nasim Pedrad ... girl
Jason Sudeikis ... Todd

Bobby Moynihan returns as Doug in Taran Killam's AMAZING robot skit. The original was my favorite skit in the Jim Carrey episode.

And Justin Timberlake does a great job as a robot as they keep the robot idea fresh. This could and should be a regular skit they keep bringing back.

I think Jim Carrey did a great job because he's a physical comedian, and Taran has a hidden talent for the physical comedy like this. And Justin Timberlake probably rocks the robot dance... he's been the king of so many dancing performances and music videos. And Bill Hader has also probably been working on it.

So how do they do so well? They're just super talented guys, and Taran has managed to pitch his skit idea to two other physical talents... Jim Carrey and Justin Timberlake.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in Sketch - Birthing Seminar (SNL)

Sketch - Birthing Seminar

Tina Fey ... mother
Maya Rudolph ... Leilani
Vanessa Bayer ... instructor
Abby Elliott ... mother
Bill Hader ... Victor
Bobby Moynihan ... husband
Nasim Pedrad ... narrator (voice)
Jason Sudeikis ... husband
Kenan Thompson ... Jazarus
Kristen Wiig ... Indica

A birthing video teaches expectant parents a lesson.

Bobby gets to be the husband of Tina Fey! Bobby's moving up in the world of fake romance! =^)

I find it interesting that Maya Rudolph has been on SNL 7 times after she left, and she hasn't hosted yet (she hasn't achieved a starring role in a movie or TV show that would make sense for hosting). She's obviously well liked and has solid relationships. That's also the case for films, as it seems that her friends (such as Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids and Jorma and Will Forte in MacGruber) hire her to work with her.

Kristen and Maya are pretty disturbing in this video that Tina and Bobby watch. Definitely amusing and a good use of pregnant Tina and Maya.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bobby Moynihan is Newt Gingrich in GOP Debate

Show - GOP 2012 Undeclared Candidates Debate

Tina Fey ... Sarah Palin
Darrell Hammond ... Donald Trump
Bill Hader ... Shepard Smith
Steve Higgins ... announcer (voice)
Bobby Moynihan ... Newt Gingrich
Jason Sudeikis ... Mitt Romney
Kenan Thompson ... Jimmy McMillan
Kristen Wiig ... Michele Bachmann

A Republican debate with Sarah Palin, Donald Trump and other undeclared 2012 candidates.

Kristen is pretty funny as a creepy Michele Bachmann. Bobby makes a funny (but brief) Newt.

Wow, this was awesome! Tina, Kristen, and Darrell were hilarious here, with Kenan, Bobby, Jason, and Bill supporting well!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in Bedelia (Sleepover)

Bedelia (Bedilia) loves her mom, a lot.

I never noticed this before, but Nasim Pedrad picked her Bedelia mom as Tina Fey and dad as Alec Baldwin. I wonder if she did that to pitch this skit whenever Tina or Alec are on (which is a lot).

However, this is getting old and stale. She loves her parents instead of her friends. Got it. We don't really need more of these, do we?

Bobby supports well as a high school guy. Taran's nerd actually steals the show (and makes me want to see more of him).

Bedelia's previous (and second) appearance was with Alec Baldwin as her dad (so this week's one is the third time for the skit). As you'll see, it ends the same as the last one, but Taran's role (probably a different character) was played by Bill Hader:

Daddy's little girl needs to spend more time with her peers. (This last one with Alec Baldwin was a little funnier.)


Monday, April 18, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in SNL's Best of Both Worlds (no vid)

Bobby's in a non-impression role in this Hugh Jackman show. Unfortunately the skit was not put online, probably due to music copyright issues.

Show - The Best of Both Worlds

Helen Mirren ... Julie Andrews
Bill Hader ... announcer (voice)
Taran Killam ... Gerard Butler
Bobby Moynihan ... Richie
Andy Samberg ... Hugh Jackman
Kenan Thompson ... Ice Cube

This is the first time Andy (and anyone on SNL) has done Hugh Jackman. It looks like Andy's Hugh was the host.

I think it's hilarious that Andy's Hugh Jackman is a combination of Wolverine hair and Hugh's tux. (Reminds me of how Taran did his Ian McKellan impression as Ian dressed as Gandalf.) In fact, Taran does a similar thing in this skit with his Gerard Butler impression, dressed as King Leonidas from 300. Hilarious!

First time that Ice Cube (by Kenan Thompson) was done on SNL.

And it's the first time that Taran Killam (or anyone) played Gerard Butler. Although Gerard himself was on SNL and played a parody of his King Leonidas character.

Helen Mirren played Julie Andrews. Julie has only been parodied directly once on SNL by Christine Baranski back in 1996, on Molly Shannon's Courtney Love show:

Although Ann Hathaway played Mary Poppins a few years back.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bobby Moynihan was in Helen Mirren's SNL monologue (no vid)

Unfortunately, Bobby was in Helen's monologue this week, and NBC did not put it online (I already skimmed the full episode and made sure it was cut out of that as well). The reason is usually that they used music in the show that they don't have the rights to. Come on, NBC! Step up your game!

Don't make Wolverine Andy angry (this is from a Between Two Worlds skit from that same episode that was also not shown online):

And here's a little info about the monologue...


Helen Mirren
Paul Brittain
Bill Hader
Taran Killam
Bobby Moynihan
Andy Samberg
Kenan Thompson

Apparently the SNL dudes were a bunch of sailors. =^)


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in Perspectives Photo Studios (SNL commercial)

Commercial - Perspectives Photo Studios

Paul Brittain ... customer
Bill Hader ... Curt Ponzovski
Taran Killam ... customer
Seth Meyers
Bobby Moynihan ... model
Nasim Pedrad ... friend
Jason Sudeikis ... spokesperson
Kristen Wiig ... Rhonda

Fellas, thinking about sexting a picture of your member? Allow the professionals at Perspectives Photo Studio to ensure it's camera ready.

Hahahahaha. Oh, SNL. You so funny.

Nice use of the Statue of Liberty. The family photo was pretty funny.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (SNL)

Sketch - Mary Shelley

Helen Mirren ... Mary Shelley
Fred Armisen ... Frank Stein
Paul Brittain ... Igor
Bill Hader ... guest
Bill Hader ... announcer (voice)
Bobby Moynihan ... guest
Jason Sudeikis ... guest
Kristen Wiig ... guest

While friends gather to celebrate Mary Shelley's novel, 'Frankenstein,' her landlord shows up and has some questions.

Hahahaha. Good writing.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Bobby Moynihan is a bee in the Helen Miren SNL Digital Short

Bobby Moynihan appeared in an amazing 8 skits this week! Congrats to Bobby!


Nasim Pedrad goes to a special place after Helen Mirren allows her to touch her breasts.

Film - SNL Digital Short: Helen Mirren's Magical Bosom

Helen Mirren
Dave Grohl
Bobby Moynihan ... dancing bee
Nasim Pedrad
Andy Samberg ... saint
Kristen Wiig

Wow. I think my favorite part of this was actually Bobby Moynihan who just brought the bee costume back! SNL did the bees their first season in 75, but it was John Belushi who really pushed and owned the bee movement.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in Knights of the Realm (SNL)

Bobby helps sell the jar gag at the beginning.

When a dragon attacks London, England's most recognizable knights devise a plan to stop it.

Sketch - Knights of the Realm

Elton John
Tom Hanks ... Michael Caine
Fred Armisen ... Ringo Starr
Paul Brittain ... Barnaby Xavier St. Hidgens III
Bill Hader ... Richard Branson
Taran Killam ... Ian McKellen
Seth Meyers ... announcer (voice)
Bobby Moynihan ... shopkeeper
Andy Samberg ... Bono
Kenan Thompson ... Sir Mix-A-Lot
Kristen Wiig ... Diedre


This is Tom Hanks' first attempt at Michael Caine. Caine has also had impressions done twice by Phil Hartman and once by Seth Meyers. Ringo Starr was also played by Jon Lovitz (3 times). Bill Hader is the only one on SNL who has played Richard Branson (3 times). Taran holds the first and only SNL impression of Ian McKellan. Kenan is the only SNLer to do Sir Mix-a-lot, and this is his second time (who can forget Sir Mix-a-lot's Photo Shop?).

This is Andy's first attempt at Bono. Bono has also been played by Alec Baldwin (once), Adam Sandler (twice), Chris Kattan (twice), and Colin Farrell (once).


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bobby Moynihan is a cowboy with Elton John (SNL)

A cowboy from the future finds himself very out of place in an old west saloon.

Sketch Cowboy
Elton John ... Bruce
Bill Hader ... bartender
Taran Killam ... cowboy
Bobby Moynihan ... cowboy
Jason Sudeikis ... cowboy
Kristen Wiig ... Crystal

Hahahaha. I don't know what to say. It was interesting.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bobby Moynihan is a little girl (SNL Corn Syrup commercial)

Commercial - Corn Syrup Producers of America

Abby Elliott ... announcer (voice)
Bobby Moynihan ... daughter
Nasim Pedrad ... mother
Kristen Wiig ... Sheila

Two parents debate the safety of high fructose corn syrup at a birthday party.

Hahahaha. Kristen gets told! I wonder if Bobby wrote this one.

Bobby is a little girl who might be drinking too much corn syrup.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bobby Moynihan drowns in Titanic (SNL skit)

Sketch - Titanic

Zach Galifianakis ... Edward Smith
Vanessa Bayer ... passenger
Abby Elliott ... passenger
Bill Hader ... passenger
Steve Higgins ... announcer (voice)
Bobby Moynihan ... passenger
Nasim Pedrad ... passenger
Kristen Wiig ... passenger

One of the lifeboats becomes testy after it's discovered some men snuck on in disguise.

Hahahaha. Zach should have tried to make his punches on Bobby look more realistic (he was busy reading the cue cards). He did a good job with the oars though.

Amusing, but it's only one joke. You can see why they played it last in the episode... just in case it needed to get cut due to timing, then no big deal.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Bobby Moynihan is Slappy Pappy (SNL)

Commercial - The Original Kings Of Catchphrase Comedy

Zach Galifianakis ... Pete "Airhorn" Schultz
Fred Armisen ... Mike "Insert Joke Here" Henry
Vanessa Bayer ... Addi "News FLash" Sweeney
Paul Brittain ... Goran "Funky Boy" Bogdan
Abby Elliott ... Fur Coat Rhonda
Taran Killam ... Barry The Plumbing Gentleman
Taran Killam ... announcer (voice)
Seth Meyers ... Boston Powers
Bobby Moynihan ... Slappy Pappy
Jay Pharoah ... Dr. Velociraptor
Andy Samberg ... Chip "So Yeah I'm Single" Fenney
Jason Sudeikis ... White Bernie Mac
Kenan Thompson ... David "Beef Jelly" Winfield

The Original Kings Of Catchphrase Comedy

"If you know their names, you know their catchphrases!" Pretty funny.

Bobby's not overly funny here, but he nails the character.

Zach's airhorn bit was the best. Boston Powers was also pretty good, even though it was pretty much a visual gag (we almost never see Seth outside Weekend Update).


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in SNL's Scared Straight (with Zach Galifianakis)

Sketch - Scared Straight

Zach Galifianakis ... Larry Bernstein
Bill Hader ... kid
Bobby Moynihan ... kid
Andy Samberg ... kid
Jason Sudeikis ... Officer Sikorsky
Kenan Thompson ... Lorenzo McIntosh

Two inmates get graphic when talking about jail to some troubled teenagers.

Wow, these are pretty gross. But Bobby does a good job, and I love Zach's character.

Nobody broke out of character in this one. Probably because they've done it so much.

This is the sixth one of these Scared Straight. The first was on 11.15.2008.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in SNL's Disney Channel Acting School

Commercial - The Disney Channel Acting School

Miley Cyrus
Paul Brittain ... kid
Abby Elliott ... kid
Taran Killam ... kid
Bobby Moynihan ... kid
Kenan Thompson ... Raven-Symoné

This is ironic, because Kenan Thompson got his start as a kid on Nickelodeon.

My favorite part was the scooter bit that Kenan did, "The funeral's on Monday!"

Bobby, I hope you get that part on Waverly Place!

This is actually a good idea. Miley and Raven should get together and make a book and DVD series for all the kids out there auditioning for Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and all their spinoff channels (NickTeen just opened up).


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in the Miley Cyrus SNL Monologue


Miley Cyrus
Bobby Moynihan ... singer
Kristen Wiig ... singer

Miley Cyrus knows she is not perfect and sums it all up in song.

Cute. I like how Bobby gets the crowd to cheer and agree to the question at the end of the song.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Bobby Moynihan is Anthony Crispino on SNL (3/5/11)

Anthony tells Seth a lot of the headlines he's been hearing about through the grapevine.

Hahahaha. Bobby busts out his hilarious Anthony again! This is his fourth appearance as Anthony Crispino and his third this season!

I think being on SNL has a lot to do with endurance. Some of the players who have been on longer aren't pitching themselves on Weekend Update as much so Bobby's stepping in with his funny characters and impressions!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bobby Moynihan scores 9th place for the Russell Brand SNL episode

9 (tie). Abby Elliott, Bobby Moynihan (10 points): Neither one of these Featured Players has shown much this season. Will either be able to get a character that’s worthy of recurring spots before the season’s out? That’s the big question that will determine whether each of these performers are able to take the next step in their SNL careers, or if they’ll go the way of Chris Parnell or Rachel Dratch (moderately well-liked SNL performers who hang around for a long time but no one really cares much when they leave).

Read the rest:


Friday, February 18, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in Spider-man Lawsuit (SNL)

Commercial - Gublin & Green

Fred Armisen ... Frank Gublin
Vanessa Bayer ... client
Paul Brittain ... victim
Steve Higgins ... announcer (voice)
Taran Killam ... actor
Bobby Moynihan ... client
Nasim Pedrad ... victim
Jay Pharoah ... victim
Andy Samberg ... actor

The law firm of Gublin and Green will represent anyone injured watching or acting in 'Spider-Man' on Broadway.

Again, Bobby was only in two skits this week, and this was one of them.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in Ultimate Vacation Giveaway (SNL)

Show - Ultimate Vacation Giveaway

Russell Brand ... Gregory Evans
Abby Elliott ... Kelly Jarell
Taran Killam ... Stevie Dix
Bobby Moynihan ... mailman
Kenan Thompson ... Derrick Amounts
Kristen Wiig ... Cheryl Bryant

Host Cheryl Bryant surprises Gregory Slims on live TV with a dream vacation, but has a hard time getting him excited.

Bobby supports in the third one of these Kristen Wiig skits.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Bobby Moynihan - answers your Twitter questions on Jimmy Fallon

SNL cast member Bobby Moynihan answers your questions submitted via Twitter!

He likes the Calculator (written by Fred) and Amusement Park (written by Taran) sketches.

He doesn't like being sprayed down in orange for Snooki.

Bobby wrote the Twilight Zone sketch! Makes sense, because he was the Gremlin, and it was very John Belushi of him.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Remembering a Bobby Moynihan Snooki appearance

Bobby Moynihan’s SNOOKI stopped by SNL one night. She definitely brightened up the Weekend Update desk. Haha because she’s like really orange. Ok maybe that wasn’t that funny. Anywho, just like Nasim Pedrad I adore Mr. Moynihan. And really any impression he does, yeah I’m a sucker for it.

Ok so here’s some Snooki greatness:

“A sailor he tried to make out with me and I really thought he was the one and it turned out he had scurvy and he just wanted me for the vitamins.”

“Sometimes I confuse myself. The other day I was sitting on my deck watching juice-heads and eating Cheetos and I accidentally ate 2 of my fingers. I’m only effin’ with you Seth, I just ate one.”

Snooki: You know you can always call me PJ?

Seth Meyers: Oh I feel like I’m walking into something here. What does the “PJ” stand for?

Snooki: Prison Jumpsuit.

Seth Meyers: Okay I’m still with you, why?

Snooki: Because I’m bright orange and once I’m on you, you really start to question the life decisions that led you to this point.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bobby Moynihan SNL Review (Dana Carvey episode)

Church Lady – This one gets off to a good start, the writing seems stronger. I love Nasim Pedrad, Abby Elliott and Vanessa Bayer as the Kardashian sisters, they really nail it. (Side-note: I was really stoked when I saw Abby Elliott outside of a restaurant downtown on Wednesday night, but couldn’t work up the nerve to say anything.) “I’m Khloe and I’m third.” I understand that Carvey really wants to bask in the glory of his first “Isn’t that special?” in a decade, but the pause he takes feels a bit like grandstanding to me. Bobby Moynihan comes out as Snooki, which the crowd always loves, but it’s probably my least favorite recurring “character.” Moynihan is super talented, but his Snooki is lame, getting by on the “hilarity” of a fat guy in a dress. “Oooh, a Guido! You’re hot, make out with me!” Carvey makes it work, though. The Church Lady definitely ages better than Wayne’s World. Really, Justin Bieber? This dude is everywhere. He’s at the Knicks games, on Jon Stewart, now SNL. I have Bieber fever, I think, and it’s going to kill me. Church Lady is getting turned on by Bieber, that’s an interesting twist. Wow, this skit is nine minutes long, that’s ridiculous. People complain about skits on SNL going on too long, but lately they’ve mostly been under five minutes. Wayne’s World was six minutes, this one was nine, the monologue was six, that’s like a third of the show’s actual running time spent on three pieces. Crazy. But the Church Lady skit was the best so far, a welcome return. 7.5/10



Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in Sports Bar (SNL skit)

Sketch - Sports Bar

Dana Carvey ... musician
Fred Armisen ... musician
Paul Brittain ... musician
Bill Hader ... musician
Taran Killam ... Patrick
Bobby Moynihan ... patron
Jason Sudeikis ... patron
Kenan Thompson ... patron

It's Super Bowl weekend and 'The Fingerlings' annoy all the patrons of a Green Bay Packers bar with their song choice.

Hahahaha. I love Dana's expression, Jason makes a good sporty dude, and Bobby's angry look here is hilarious!

So the song itself isn't overly funny. This was obviously out of Fred's head. Fred actually came from the music industry before he was a comedian, so he finds ways to integrate his music into the show.

Taran Killam comes on at the end and outdances Dana Carvey. Wow Taran. You need to write yourself into the show so that people can see what you can do.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Bobby Moynihan is Snooki in Church Chat (SNL)

Show - Church Chat

Dana Carvey ... Church Lady
Justin Bieber
Vanessa Bayer ... Kourtney Kardashian
Abby Elliott ... Khloé Kardashian
Bill Hader ... Father Sabatino
Phil Hartman ... announcer (voice)
Bobby Moynihan ... Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi
Nasim Pedrad ... Kim Kardashian
Jason Sudeikis ... Jesus (voice)

The church lady welcomes the Kardashian sisters, Snooki and Justin Bieber, who has a profound effect on her.

Bonus that they used old Phil Hartman (who is deceased) recordings to announce Wayne's World and Church Chat.

Hahahaha. Bobby is so funny as Snooki, and this was a fresh way to show off the impression. Snooki's demon took over the priest! Hahahaha.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in "Bad News" SNL Commercial

Commercial - Deidra Wurtz: Downsizing Expert

Jesse Eisenberg ... employee
Vanessa Bayer ... employee
Paul Brittain ... employee
Abby Elliott ... Deidra Wurtz
Steve Higgins ... announcer (voice)
Taran Killam ... employee
Bobby Moynihan ... employee
Nasim Pedrad ... woman
Jay Pharoah ... employee
Kristen Wiig ... woman

Have some bad news you really don't want to break? Hire Deidra Wurtz - people like her!

This was most likely shot the previous week when Jesse Eisenberg hosted. And then it probably didn't make it past dress rehearsal (or perhaps it wasn't done on time). Regardless, it was played this week, and it's decently funny. Bobby just gives a look here. Nice beard scruff!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bobby Moynihan takes 12th in the Movieline Review

12. Bobby Moynihan (Last Week: 10) Other than a supporting role in “Spa Talk” and a brief appearance in “Estro-maxx,” a quiet night for Moynihan.


I think this is a fair ranking for Bobby. He was only in two skits, but his appearance Extro-Maxx commercial was pretty funny.

I think I agree that Andy owned the night, but I disagree the most with putting Nasim so low. Her Mr. Wizard character should have put her in second place.


Friday, February 4, 2011

Did Bobby Moynihan and SNL make GLAAD mad?

0:46 (wide-shot of character in pink women’s shirt and tight jeans walking through an airport security checkpoint. Camera shifts to closeup on character’s face as head spins around, revealing Bobby Moynihan with several days worth of stubble.) (*laugh*) I’m becoming the person I want to be. And without the hassle. Thanks, Estro-Maxx! (spins and walks through x-ray machine.)


From a pure script standpoint, this sketch is not at all anti-transgender and is actually rather respectful. In fact, some transgender people might agree with lines like “nature got in the way.” But the fact that the sketch gets all of its laughs from visual gags, aside from Brittain’s line, undermines that respect entirely. In fact, the respectful dialogue almost makes the sketch even worse, and here’s why.
By having the actors play these transgender characters more like straight men, this sketch is telegraphing how it really feels about transgender people; they’re actors, pretenders, and ‘men in dresses.’ Two of the characters even have obvious facial hair, one of whom has purposefully groomed his into a mustache. And by playing their appearances for laughs, the sketch is telling the audience that no matter how seriously transgender people take themselves, that doesn’t mean you have to take them seriously.

Excerpts from:

I guess GLAAD is a little upset at this commercial. It was definitely disturbing to watch. Their points aren't all off base, but they didn't mention how else SNL would have made the skit so funny. Giving straight men female body parts is the only way to make this so funny.



Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in the SNL Goodnight

Jesse Eisenberg wraps up the show with Nicki Minaj, Mark Zuckerberg and the SNL cast!

Bobby's on the far right.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bobby Moynihan - Estro-Maxx commercial (SNL)

Commercial - Once Daily Estro-Maxx

Fred Armisen ... guy
Paul Brittain ... guy
Bill Hader ... guy
Bobby Moynihan ... guy
Kenan Thompson ... TSA agent
Kristen Wiig ... announcer (voice)

Having a sex change just became a whole lot easier with Estro-maxx, a once-a-day pill.

Bobby comes in at 1:10. This is funny but so wrong!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in Spa Talk (SNL)

Show - Spa Talk

Jesse Eisenberg ... son
Vanessa Bayer ... Mrs. Venetti
Abby Elliott ... Denise Wayson
Steve Higgins ... announcer (voice)
Bobby Moynihan ... Mr. Venetti
Kenan Thompson ... Daniel Wayson
Kristen Wiig ... Tyla Yonders

A place designed for relaxation can be a rather stressful environment.

New character for Kristen Wiig! Bobby plays the husband when the second group comes out.


Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy 33rd Birthday, Bobby Moynihan!

January 31, 1977

Actor-comedian Bobby Moynihan is 34.

Actress Minnie Driver is 41. Actress Portia de Rossi is 38. Actress Kerry Washington is 34. Singer Justin Timberlake is 30.

You can see here on IMDB that Bobby Moynihan is listed #25 out of 765 for birthdays today in the film industry:

Not bad, Bobby Moynihan! Maybe next year you'll be in the top 5! =^)

And Bobby, if you're reading this, here's your birthday song!


Friday, January 28, 2011

Bobby Moynihan - "Top Ten Fun Facts" interview

Quotes from Bobby are highlighted below. And then read the top 10 facts below to see stuff he told them about himself.

It's pretty obvious where you can find comedian Bobby Moynihan on most Saturday nights: Onstage at the famed Studio 8H inside 30 Rockefeller Center, where "Saturday Night Live" has generated belly laughs for more than three decades.

The 32-year-old Eastchester native is in the middle of his third season on the legendary late-night series, having most notably impressed audiences with hysterical imitations of "Jersey Shore" star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Food Network personality Guy Fieri.

He's also done memorable sketches with many of the A-listers who have populated the show since he joined the cast in 2008: Ben Stiller, Ben Affleck, Anne Hathaway, Drew Barrymore, Megan Fox, Seth Rogen, Tina Fey, Bill Murray and James Franco, to name a few.

But more often, Moynihan says that fans recognize him for his first recurring "SNL" character, Mark Payne, a disastrous, pepper-loving waiter at Pizzeria Uno.

"I don't understand it," he says. "The craziest thing in the world is that there's 10 videos on YouTube of kids, ranging from 5 to 13, reciting the entire 'Pepper' sketch."

Moynihan is hardly an overnight success, however. After studying acting at the University of Connecticut, he spent years honing his improv skills with Manhattan's Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, co-founded by "SNL" alumni and "Parks and Recreation" star Amy Poehler. He also gained notice with performances on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" and in ESPN commercials.

"It's so funny, people are like, 'You got this big break out of nowhere,'" he says. "But I've been doing comedy for years, trying really, really hard to get here."
So what don't you know about this wisecracker? Read on to learn 10 other fun facts about Bobby Moynihan.

1. He recently reprised the role of Vinny Vedecci Jr., the son of Bill Hader's Italian talk show host. What was so nerve-wracking about this particular skit? He had to threaten guest host — and movie tough-guy — Robert De Niro.

2. Moynihan slipped into a leotard and pantyhose as a backup dancer in the show's hilarious parody of Beyonce's iconic "Single Ladies" video, along with Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg. Postings of the spoof have generated more than 40 million views so far on YouTube.

3. He spent two years preparing for his first — unsuccessful — "SNL" audition. When he finally got a call to audition again, he had only four days to write all-new material — which clearly worked like a charm.

4. He cried "like a baby" when announcer Don Pardo said his name live for the first time after he joined the show in 2008.

5. He created the Mark Payne character years ago, drawn from his bartending days at a Pizzeria Uno in Yonkers. The exterior opening shot used for the "SNL" sketches is of the restaurant where he used to work.

6. You couldn't see his face, but Moynihan played the moose that was gunned down during the now-infamous "Sarah Palin Rap," performed by Amy Poehler in front of the former vice presidential candidate. That 2008 episode posted the biggest ratings for "SNL" in 14 years.

7. His first part was as Santa Claus in a third-grade class show.

8. His first professional acting job was a one-liner with Alan Arkin on the short-lived courtroom drama "100 Centre Street." After telling "everyone I knew" about the part, his line was cut — and only his shoulder ended up in the episode. "But I went to bed that night, like, 'Yo, I did it. I made it.'"

9. He worked most of his teenage years as a lifeguard at Eastchester's Lake Isle Park. When it rained, he and some co-workers would sit on garbage bags and slide down hills on the golf course.

10. As a kid, he'd secretly listen to Howard Stern's radio show. After Moynihan joined "SNL," Stern mentioned the addition to the show — and compared him to the late, great John Belushi.


Note that he didn't fail his first audition. It was right before the writer's strike, and they take a lot of time to make decisions. They had to pass him down until after the strike. Also, the first audition led to the second one. That's a success!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bobby Moynihan SNL Review - 1/15/10 (Gwenyth Paltrow & Cee Lo Green)

Overall, this was a decent episode for Bobby Moynihan fans. Bobby was in five skits. I included only those skits below.

The links below will take you to the individual video clips.

Cold Opening - Fox News: Greta Van Susteren, "Embracing Civility"
Greta Van Susteren hosts a roundtable that truly embodies a balanced political views.


Kristen Wiig - Greta
Bobby Moynihan
Nasim Pedrad
Jason Sudeikis - Glen Beck
Bill Hader - James Carville
Abby Elliott - Rachel Maddow

REVIEW: Kind of amusing. Kristen does a great job with Greta. I didn't feel like this one attacked Republicans as hard as past versions. It seemed to attack both sides a bit more equally (which is what they claim to do, but it doesn't often work out that way). This is Kristen's third appearance as Greta. Bill Hader's James Carville is always hilarious (along with Jason's Glen Beck).
Score: 3/5 - Amusing, but I guess I don't care too much about these political media wars.
Top players:
(1) Kristen Wiig
(2) Bill Hader
(3) Jason Sudeikis
(4) Bobby Moynihan

Commercial - The Cape Spinoffs
If you like super heroes who get their powers from pieces of clothing, then you'll love these new NBC shows!

REVIEW: Kristen gets a laugh with the fist shot of her swinging her bolo tie. The gun shots from her tie fail to get a laugh. That's the problem with a taped piece like this... you can't cut jokes from the live show. You're sort of stuck with what you got when parts aren't funny.
It was funny at the beginning with the Scarf (Nasim Pedrad), Andy Samberg made it funny being naked with the Leg Warmer, and Jason Sudeikis was pretty funny as the Scrunchie. Other than that, the joke was getting old fast. Bobby bookends this piece as the Spanks hero. He doesn't really get a laugh. The joke had already stopped being funny.
This was genius on NBC's part, because making fun of their own show is a great way to advertise it and make it live potentially longer than the show itself. =^)
Score: 3/5 - Some hilarious bits, but there were even more dud bits here that helped push the score down.
Top players:
1. Andy Samberg
2. Nasim Pedrad
3. Jason Sudeikis

Weekend Update
Garth and Kat return, and Vanessa Bayer interviews Christina Aguilera and Cher. And Former New York gubernatorial candidate Jimmy McMillan (Kenan) talks about his run for president.

Seth Meyers
Bill Hader ... announcer (voice)
Kenan Thompson ... Jimmy McMillan
Vanessa Bayer
Nasim Pedrad ... Christina Aguilera
Bill Hader ... Cher
Bobby Moynihan ... Chaz Bono
Fred Armisen ... Garth
Kristen Wiig ... Kat
Gwyneth Paltrow ... Kim Castle

REVIEW: Fred and Kristen keep Garth and Kat fresh by mixing in Gwyneth Paltrow as their similar friend, Kim Castle. Vanessa Bayer amazingly writes herself into a straight-person role to interview Nasim's amazing Christina Aguilera. Bobby follows up with some funny transgender jokes. Bill's humorous as Cher, but not amazing by any means. Kenan's being himself again. Seth also does fairly well this week. Overall, the real winner was Nasim's impression of Christina Aguilera, which makes me want to see it more.
Overall Score: 3/5
Jimmy McMillan (Kenan): 2/5 (almost amusing)
Garth and Kat: 3/5 (good but mostly already done)
Vanessa's Interview: 4/5 (Vanessa is a bit wooden)
Top Players:
1. Nasim Pedrad
2. Bobby Moynihan
3. Seth Meyers

Skit - Globe Theatre
This skit is not available online and is not in the online full video. That probably means it had some music without permissions.

Gwyneth Paltrow ... actress
Fred Armisen ... actor
Vanessa Bayer ... audience member
Bill Hader ... actor
Steve Higgins ... announcer (voice)
Taran Killam ... actor
Bobby Moynihan ... actor
Jay Pharoah ... audience member
Andy Samberg ... audience member
Jason Sudeikis ... audience member
Kenan Thompson ... audience member
Kristen Wiig ... audience member

Show - ESPN Deportes
Even in Spanish, the ESPN sportscaster phrases are the same.

Gwyneth Paltrow ... Sofia Cortez
Fred Armisen ... Esteban
Paul Brittain ... Ramon Zaragoza
Steve Higgins ... announcer (voice)
Taran Killam ... Paco
Bobby Moynihan ... clown
Nasim Pedrad ... girl
Jay Pharoah ... Kevin Garnett

REVIEW: My guess is Paul wrote this or came up with the idea. Otherwise, I'd imagine that Fred would be up there with Gwyneth (if it came from another writer). Regardless, Paul pulls out his second hilarious character in what will probably be a recurring sketch. Way to go, Paul! However, it's much more the concept that makes this skit funny than any one actor. Bobby is hilarious as the clown that comes in, and even Taran delivers an awesome look. Also, Jay plays a great straight man with his Kevin Garnett impression (I love how they put Jay up on a higher platform than Fred to create a bigger height difference).
Score: 4/5 (some slow parts, but it comes through)
Top Players:
1. Paul Brittain
2. Gwenyth Paltrow
3. Bobby Moynihan
4. Jay Pharoah
5. Taran Killam
6. Fred Armisen


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Upcoming SNL Hosts - Jesse Eisenberg & Dana Carvey

Episode 693 "Jesse Eisenberg" & Musical Guest, Nicki Minaj - January 29, 2011

At the end of the month, Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg will take a break from the awards ceremonies to front the late-night program. Eisenberg's appearance will reunite him with two of his Adventureland costars: Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader.

Episode 694 "Dana Carvey" & Musical Guest, Linkin Park - February 5, 2011

The following weekend, longtime SNL fans will welcome a blast from the past: Church Lady Dana Carvey. Carvey, a fixture on the program for seven seasons, will make his fourth appearance as host.


Dana Carvey! I can't wait!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Bobby Moynihan's interview with Jimmy Fallon (1/13/11)

'Saturday Night Live' cast member Bobby Moynihan talks about his journey to SNL and his newest character, Snooki.

Bobby's hilarious!

Snooki is more of an impression than a character. =^)


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bobby Moynihan - 300 pic

Classic Bobby Moynihan!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bobby Moynihan is Cher's son/daughter (SNL Wekend Update)

Vanessa scores an interview with 'Burlesque' stars Christina Aguilera and Cher at the Golden Globes.

Bobby's got some transvestite jokes!

Wow, Nasim nailed Christina Aguilera. I'm in shock. She needs to bring her back sometime.

What's the most interesting thing to me here is that Vanessa Bayer wrote this skit where she made herself the "straight man." I don't think she particularly nailed the straight man either (not as well as Kenan does). Usually when you write something for Weekend Update, you make yourself the star of the bit, not the straight man.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in ESPN Deportes (SNL)

Just because it's in Spanish doesn't mean you can't understand the classic SportsCenter catch phrases!

Hahahaha. Paul Britain makes a case for staying around next season!

Bobby comes on at about 2:06 for a small but hilarious bit.

"Mas Equis! Mas fun!"

Yeah, what's interesting here is that Bobby appears as the proven SNL star in this skit (Fred's also in it, but his role isn't as riveting). So Bobby stands out as the seasoned player among Paul, Taran, and Nasim in this skit. And that's a great place to be!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in the Fox News SNL Cold Open

Greta Van Susteren hosts a roundtable that truly embodies a balanced political views.


Kristen Wiig - Greta
Bobby Moynihan
Nasim Pedrad
Jason Sudeikis
Bill Hader

I don't know. Kind of amusing. Kristen does a great job with Greta.

Bobby's got hilarious looks and the foaming at the mouth gag got a HUGE laugh! Great job, Bobby!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bobby Moynihan rocks the Spanks (SNL Cape Parody)

If you like super heroes who get their powers from pieces of clothing, then you'll love these new NBC shows!

"It's a dude!" =^)

So Bobby bookends this piece as the Spanks hero. He doesn't really get a laugh. The joke had already stopped being funny.

It was funny at the beginning with the Scarf (Nasim Pedrad), Andy Samberg made it funny being naked with the Leg Warmer, and Jason Sudeikis was pretty funny as the Scrunchie. Other than that, the joke was getting old fast.

Genius on NBC's part, because making fun of their own show is a great way to advertise it and make it live potentially longer than the show itself. =^)


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bobby Moynihan - hair restoration SNL commercial

Commercial - Bosley Hair Restoration

Fred Armisen ... Mark H.
Bobby Moynihan ... client
Nasim Pedrad ... girlfriend
Jason Sudeikis ... spokesperson
Kristen Wiig ... Adelle K.

This commercial ran again this week on 1/8/11.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bobby Moynihan on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight!

Our friend from upstairs, Bobby Moynihan is coming down to visit us tonight to be a guest on Late Night. Before he was a cast member on SNL, Bobby performed as an improv comedian at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York City. He still performs there as part of the long-running hit improv show ASSSSCAT 3000 every Sunday night.

Some of our favorite recurring characters and impressions of Bobby's from SNL are Anthony Crispino, Vinny Vedecci Jr, David Crosby, Nathan Lane, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi.


Interestingly, Jake The Snake Roberts was a walk/dance on, non-speaking role in What's Up with That?

But I think Bobby's Jake should host a "Legends of Wresting" show!


Bobby Moynihan in a hilarious amusement park skit (SNL)

Sketch - Merryville Trolley Ride

Jim Carrey ... robot
Bill Hader ... robot
Taran Killam ... robot
Bobby Moynihan ... repairman
Kenan Thompson ... guy
Kristen Wiig ... girl

When a ride is temporarily shut down, The Merryville Brothers freak out an amusement park patron.

REVIEW: Oh my gosh! By far my second favorite skit of the night (behind Black Swan). This truly shows the talents of Taran Killam who actually out-performs Jim Carrey as an animatronic robot (is this even possible?). Another skit that Jim made gold with physical comedy, and it brings to life all our animatronic nightmares! Beautiful, and well played by Kenan as the victim. Kristen nails the nice girl supporting role here.

Bobby supports well as the ride operator.

My guess is that Jim was throwing out ideas, and a writer latched onto this one and turned it into a skit. And somewhere along the way Taran spoke up and said, "I can do a robot!" (Or perhaps the writer saw him do the Tin Man earlier this season or something else Taran has done and realized that Taran is an amazing robot... afterall, it's almost impossible to be better than Jim Carrey at any physical comedy like this.)


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bobby Moynihan - The Worst of Soul Train (SNL)

This is a pseudo sequel of the Back to the Future DVD commercial. But instead of celebrity impressions, they are going after 70s music with original-ish characters.

Commercial - The Worst of Soul Train

Jim Carrey ... D'Versity
Paul Brittain ... Bro-Botix member
Steve Higgins ... announcer (voice)
Taran Killam ... Bro-Botix member
Bobby Moynihan ... Coughy Robinson
Nasim Pedrad ... Ricky
Jay Pharoah ... Shooting Starr
Andy Samberg ... Gary St. Marvelous
Jason Sudeikis ... Ocean Billy
Kenan Thompson ... Maxwell family member
Kenan Thompson ... announcer (voice)
Kristen Wiig ... Triangle Sally

A new DVD collection celebrates the very worst of Soul Train.

REVIEW: Bobby drives this one home as the host of a show that features the performers' talents! Everybody was golden here, making it another gauntlet of hilarious bits (like the Back to the Future DVD commercials). Taran and Paul were funny (mostly Taran there), Jim was hilarious of course (nailed it), and Nasim, Andy, Jason, and Kristen all gave important bits.

Kristen's Triangle Sally got an extended applause and cheering (the only one)! And Kristen didn't even say a word! Kudos to Kristen!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bobby Moynihan is Anthony Crispino on SNL (1/8/11)

Second-hand News correspondent Anthony Crispino talks about what he's been hearing about in the news.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Boby Moynihan SNL Review: January 8, 2011 - Jim Carrey & The Black Keys

We're going to start this week with a basic review. Bobby's Anthony Crispino and Soul Train were the highlights. Below are Bobby's four appearances this week...

Commercial - Bosley Hair Restoration

Fred Armisen ... Mark H.
Bobby Moynihan ... client
Nasim Pedrad ... girlfriend
Jason Sudeikis ... spokesperson
Kristen Wiig ... Adelle K.

REVIEW: This is a rerun. Still funny. The basic idea is that the hair transplant comes from pubic regions. Sort of disgusting when they show the hair on Fred, Bobby, and Kristen, but still hilarious. A good one to rerun.

Commercial - The Worst of Soul Train

Jim Carrey ... D'Versity
Paul Brittain ... Bro-Botix member
Steve Higgins ... announcer (voice)
Taran Killam ... Bro-Botix member
Bobby Moynihan ... Coughy Robinson
Nasim Pedrad ... Ricky
Jay Pharoah ... Shooting Starr
Andy Samberg ... Gary St. Marvelous
Jason Sudeikis ... Ocean Billy
Kenan Thompson ... Maxwell family member
Kenan Thompson ... announcer (voice)
Kristen Wiig ... Triangle Sally

REVIEW: Bobby drives this one home as the host of a show that features the performers' talents! Everybody was golden here, making it another gauntlet of hilarious bits (like the Back to the Future DVD commercials). Taran and Paul were funny (mostly Taran there), Jim was hilarious of course, and Nasim, Andy, Jason, and Kristen all gave important bits. My least favorite were from Jay Pharoah and Kenan Thompson.

Weekend Update

Seth Meyers
Kristen Wiig ... Nancy Pelosi
Bill Hader ... John Boehner
Bobby Moynihan ... Anthony Crispino
Andy Samberg ... Cameron The Red-Winged Blackbird
Taran Killam ... Everett The Fish

REVIEW: A great Weekend Update! Bobby's Crispino does very well (but I would have taken out the second-to-last gag, because it slowed down before it picked up at the end). This was Andy's third appearance as a bird in the news really sold well (sort of a series Andy has going), and Taran supported well as the fish. I liked Kristen and Bill, but it really feels like they target Republicans like Boehner more as incompetent (shouldn't they all be shown as incompetent or goofballs?).

Sketch - Merryville Trolley Ride

Jim Carrey ... robot
Bill Hader ... robot
Taran Killam ... robot
Bobby Moynihan ... repairman
Kenan Thompson ... guy
Kristen Wiig ... girl

REVIEW: Oh my gosh! By far my second favorite skit of the night (behind Black Swan). This truly shows the talents of Taran Killam who actually out-performs Jim Carrey as an animatronic robot (is this even possible?). Another skit that Jim made gold with physical comedy, and it brings to life all our animatronic nightmares! Beautiful, and well played by Kenan as the victim. Bobby supports as the ride operator.

My guess is that Jim was throwing out ideas, and a writer latched onto this one and turned it into a skit. And somewhere along the way Taran spoke up and said, "I can do a robot!" (Or perhaps the writer saw him do the Tin Man earlier this season or something else Taran has done and realized that Taran is an amazing robot... afterall, it's almost impossible to be better than Jim Carrey at any physical comedy like this.)


Review of Bobby Moynihan's Snooki (and animated GIF)

In a fitting end to the last "Weekend Update" of 2010, Seth Meyers brought out some of the funniest characters from the year to sing a sweet Christmas carol together.

After going over the week's headlines, Meyers introduced his "three closest friends in the world," Snooki (Bobby Moynihan), Stefon (Bill Hader) and New York Governor David Paterson (Fred Armisen) to sing a "Weekend Update" version of "O Christmas Tree."

It was awesome to see our favorite "Update" characters from this season (minus Bobby's equally hilarious Guy Fieri impression) all together, and now we could totally see Stefon and Snooki hanging out. It was especially funny to hear Stefon call Snooki a "drunk leopard" and of course, he worked some tidbits about "jacked elves" into the song.


There's also a nice reference in their to Bobby's Guy Fieri!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bobby Moynihan as Snooki - New Years Eve show

If you didn't tune in to MTV's New Year's Bash for the Snooki ball drop, you didn't miss much. However, this funny sketch the orange "Jersey Shore" queen did with her "SNL" doppelganger on the last night of the year was definitely worth seeing.

We've got the clip below where Snooki and Bobby Moynihan (in his signature Snooki garb) say goodbye to the "friggin' awesome" year that was 2010. They also go through some intensive training to "take over" 2011 including practicing fist pumps, gratuitous hair spray use and Karate.

Aside form the obvious highlight of Moynihan mocking Snooki directly to her face, watch until the end to see Moynihan actually get a smooch (or is it a "smoosh?") from the little one we love to hate.


That's really cool that Bobby's bit here opened the friggin show! Wow, I think that's quite an honor for Bobby, cuz it really shows how valuable MTV thinks his bit is. And they're right! Judging from this article, you could have watched the opening bit and then turned it off, so Bobby was the only saving grace of the show!


Friday, January 7, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in a clip on Larry King Live

Bobby's in the Target Lady clip that was aired on Larry King Live:

You can see the video here:

Lorne's not wearing his signature sports jacket, t-shirt, and jeans! =^)

Regarding Lorne's answer about how SNL came about: To add on to what Lorne said, Johnny Carson wanted to run his reruns during the week for a break sometimes. So it's really Johnny's fault that SNL started. =^)

5-minute audition times...

Interesting that Kristen Wiig's Target Lady was pulled directly from a lady at Target. Bobby nails his role in that skit (as does Kristen of course).


Thursday, January 6, 2011

SNL Cast Photo

This was the 09-10 season, so you see Will Forte and Jenny Slate, and you don't see Jay Pharoah, Vanessah Bayer, Paul Brittain, and Taran Killam.

Sorry it's so tiny! Bobby's sitting on a chair on our right.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Jim Carrey - SNL Promo with Jason Sudeikis

This should be a fun one!

What will Bobby do with Jim Carrey? I don't know, but I hope Bobby's in a lot of skits this week!


Monday, January 3, 2011

Will Forte was valuable to SNL

When people say that something isn't quite right about this season of Saturday Night Live, whether or not they know it, they're saying that they miss Will Forte.

While it's true that Forte was far from the only member of the cast and writing staff to leave SNL over the summer, his departure left a void that the show has yet to fill several episodes into its 36th season...

But in his last few years on SNL, Forte provided a necessary counterbalance to almost every live episode by bringing that one element that SNL always has needed: the wildcard...

Forte was more the "weird and crazy" type. The guy whom you could count on to prove why late-night TV is different from primetime TV. The guy who brought a sense of danger, although based in just enough silliness as to not be scary...

MacGruber was always good for a laugh... because in those short sketches on SNL, there was just enough time for Forte to say something highly inappropriate before the explosion.

Forte also could be equally creepy as Hamilton, the guy who showed up to woo celebrities, or as a pedophile using Halloween as a cover for trick-or-treating. He could be just as equally weird as Sen. Tim Calhoun, a masked man getting pummeled by things as the "Closet Organizer," an office worker shouting "Fart Face!", singing about Model-T cars and spaceships with Wiig, or a NASA scientist arguing over a potato chip with Jason Sudeikis.

Click here for more videos and commentary:


I think all that is true. Will's Weekend Update songs, MacGruber, his dancing coach skits, the Chips skit above, him playing a bad guy in an old Drew Barrymore monologue, and him playing a young Jack Black at a spelling bee all made me laugh out loud.

Meanwhile, Jason's definitely going to need to team up with others more (or do more original, single characters) to fill the void of Will's absence.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bobby Moynihan interview with University of Connecticut (his alumnus)

Anyone know what the SFA stands for? 1999 is when he graduated the University of Connecticut. The bold text is from Bobby...

Live from New York – it's Bobby Moynihan '99 (SFA)!

Friends of Bobby Moynihan '99 (SFA) understand when he says he's busy most Saturday nights. After all, giving up a weekend day is a small price to pay when you're part of the cast of NBC's legendary comedy improv show "Saturday Night Live."

Moynihan has been a featured player on SNL since 2008. The 33-year-old native of Eastchester, N.Y., will be the first to tell you that having an opportunity to work on the same stage that hosted the likes of John Belushi, Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, and Gilda Radner for the past three decades is one awesome ride.

Bobby Moynihan '99 (SFA), right, performing in a skit with fellow cast members on "Saturday Night Live." From left: Guest host Zac Efron, Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Abby Elliott and Moynihan.

"Every time the music starts and the band starts playing at 11:25, you feel it," Moynihan says. "Here is this amazing 35-year-old show, and you're a part of it. When they put my picture up on the wall as a cast member, well, that was it for me. I've had a lot of mind-blowing Sundays where I'll wake up and just can't believe what happened."

Moynihan was part of a dream team of actors that rolled through the School of Fine Arts in the late 1990s. He was one of the stars of the Connecticut Repertory Theatre's production of "The Boys Next Door," which received the 1999 Connecticut Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Ensemble Cast, beating out other ensembles from the Goodspeed Opera House, Long Wharf Theatre and Yale Repertory Theatre, among others. His professors say he had a natural gift at portraying endearing characters and making people laugh.
"Bobby is not somebody who you forget. He is one of the top people we ever had here," says Robert McDonald, one of Moynihan's former mentors, now a professor emeritus of dramatic arts in the School of Fine Arts. "He's got an incredible ability to get at our heartstrings as a believable weaker person."
Moynihan credits his acting coaches at UConn with furthering his career.

"Bob McDonald was the greatest. He taught me everything," Moynihan says. "I initially thought, why did I go to acting school? But it has helped me tremendously. Part of being a good comedian is that truth-in-comedy kind of thing. At SNL, my acting background has helped me to have confidence on stage. UConn gave me that confidence."

After graduating, Moynihan moved back to New York where he became a regular member of the Upright Citizens Brigade and then was a sketch regular on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" beginning in 2006 and, in 2008, did television ads for ESPN Radio.

While Moynihan has appeared in several films ("When in Rome," "The Invention of Lying," "Mystery Team"), he says he's in no hurry to step away from the SNL set.

"I've done a couple of movies, and it was so much fun," says Moyinhan, who received the School of Fine Arts Alumni Award in April. "But I've waited my whole life to get here (to SNL), so I'm in no rush to leave."

– Colin Poitras '85 (CLAS)


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Should Bobby Moynihan's Nathan Lane impression lead an SNL skit?

So it's time for my first editorial of 2011! Happy New Year!

Here is Bobby Moynihan playing Nathan Lane:

Bobby has played Nathan Lane three times now:

02.07.2009 - No Bruce! Let Me Finish! The Best Of Celebrity Tirades

10.03.2009 - So You Committed A Crime & You Think You Can Dance

03.13.2010 - Hamlet Audition

True Nathan Lane isn't popular like Vanessa Bayer's Miley Cyrus, Jay Pharoah's Denzel Washington, or Abby Elliott's Angelina Jolie (Abby's Angelina is another impression that deserves to lead a skit), but there's something about Bobby's Lane impression that is hilarious and would make a great lead in a skit.

Besides, Amy Poehler's Dakota Fanning Show, Jim Breuer's Joe Pesci Show, Chris Kattan's Antonio Banderas' How Do You Say Ah Yes Show, and Andy Samberg's Mellow Show with Jack Johnson were all celebrity shows on SNL where the celebrity wasn't super popular. They just had a great impersonation and a great idea of how to make it funny.

And that's what I think Bobby has with Nathan Lane. He could host the first Broadway talk show... filled with drama and musical numbers during the talk show and as part of the talk show. LOL

It would also give SNL a chance to put other popular impressions out there (I want to see Abby's Kirsten Dunst, Jay's Eddie Murphy or Chris Tucker, Andy Samberg's Nicholas Cage (or Billy Bob Thornton), and Taran's Pee-Wee Herman) who can act as fish out of water in a strange, musical environment.

Hahahaha. There's my 10 cents.


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