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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Remembering a Bobby Moynihan Snooki appearance

Bobby Moynihan’s SNOOKI stopped by SNL one night. She definitely brightened up the Weekend Update desk. Haha because she’s like really orange. Ok maybe that wasn’t that funny. Anywho, just like Nasim Pedrad I adore Mr. Moynihan. And really any impression he does, yeah I’m a sucker for it.

Ok so here’s some Snooki greatness:

“A sailor he tried to make out with me and I really thought he was the one and it turned out he had scurvy and he just wanted me for the vitamins.”

“Sometimes I confuse myself. The other day I was sitting on my deck watching juice-heads and eating Cheetos and I accidentally ate 2 of my fingers. I’m only effin’ with you Seth, I just ate one.”

Snooki: You know you can always call me PJ?

Seth Meyers: Oh I feel like I’m walking into something here. What does the “PJ” stand for?

Snooki: Prison Jumpsuit.

Seth Meyers: Okay I’m still with you, why?

Snooki: Because I’m bright orange and once I’m on you, you really start to question the life decisions that led you to this point.


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