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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bobby Moynihan Q&A Part 3 (Fire and Rice)

It's well-documented that the cast members contribute to the writing. The interview comes from:

Question: How involved are you in the writing process? Do you pair up often with other particular cast members/writers?

Bobby: All of the cast writes. You kind of just pair up for the week or shoot ideas back and forth. To be honest, that is one thing that I have not cracked yet. It's like asking someone out on a date every Tuesday. I write a lot with Nangle, Bryan Tucker, Colin Jost, Jillian Bell, Rob Klein, Abby Elliot, John Mulaney, Simon Rich, and Ryan Perez. Perez is hilarious. There are so many talented writers, you just want to write with them all. Also they write for you too. Or they cast you in something great. Mike O'Brien is a great writer and he cast me as A** Dan and the lead singer of Smash Mouth. Something I love him for.

Question: Are there any impressions that you wish you could do on the show? Are there any impressions you did not think you could perform well until they were given to you?

Answer: I'd like to try Paula Dean, Danny Devito, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Judah Freidlander, Odd Job, Oliver Platt. You know, the usual. As for impressions that I was CAST in... Karl Rove was fun. I still don't know who he is but it was fun. Mulaney cast me as David Crosby. Also fun. Alfred Hitchcock was the worst. I start off okay then I sound like Lorne! I just couldn't get it down.

Question: One of my favourite sketches last season was one you did with Sigourney Weaver called Fire and Rice. I thought it was really funny and I was just wondering, were you involved with its writing at all? Also, what was it like to appear in a sketch with just you and Sigourney Weaver?

Answer: That is one that is a perfect example of a fake pitch going well. I just wanted to make Sigourney laugh. I pitched a scene where we were a lounge act and she was on top of the piano but she was afraid of heights. She laughed out loud and after the meeting came to my office to talk about it. She had ideas which was awesome because I did not. I teamed up with Nangle and we cranked it out. It was a lot longer and had a lot more back story about her first husband. Nangle was the one who reigned it in and made it really tight. Sigourney had a crazy busy week and we did not get to rehearse it that much.

On Saturday I was pretty sure that it was not gonna make the show but Sigouney and I practiced it in her dressing room whenever she had a free second and she was so awesome about it. She just wanted to nail it because it's almost all her. Dress went okay. The ending got screwed up because after she fell off the piano she got right back up. Then she realized that the whole sketch was about her falling sixty feet and she ducked back down again. The crowd went nuts. It got the wrong kind of laugh. But in between dress and air she fought for it and it stayed in. I was so grateful that I almost forgot that it was my first sketch ever that just had the host and me! I was reeling. It went great and it is one of my top five sketch's that I am most proud of.

My favorite moment from the rehearsal was when the stunt coordinator tried to help Sigourney up onto the piano. She turned to him and said, "It's okay. I was Ripley." Most bad a** woman ever.

This is our last of the Q&As. Find a few more questions here:


Once again, Bobby has nothing mean to say. Nothing but compliments. A good quality to have. =^)

He has a good point that he kind of has to court the writers and actors to collab with him. Surely that's an interesting experience.

Also, in his Sigourney answer, he shows how it's really a pitch to the host. Then the host kind of fights for what she or he likes. I'd love to see Bobby as Oddjob!!!


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