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Monday, January 12, 2009

Bobby Moynihan - Is Magical Mr. Mestophiles from Cats (Save Broadway)

Save Broadway

The show must go on...

Neil Patrick Harris. Mark from Rent
Taylor Swift ... Annie
Fred Armisen ... Blue Man
Abby Elliott ... Peppeteer
Will Forte ... Blue Man
Bill Hader ... Music Man
Darrell Hammond ... Dude from Stomp
Bobby Moynihan ... Magical Mr. Mestophiles (from Cats)
Andy Samberg ... Blue Man
Jason Sudeikis ... Phantom
Kenan Thompson ... Miss Siagon writer
Michaela Watkins ... Wicked Witch (from Wicked)
Kristen Wiig ... Chicago performer
Casey Wilson ... Chicago performer

This is my favorite skit of the show. Bobby Moynihan is hilarious, as well as Bill Hader, and the Blue Man Group (Andy, Fred, and Will).

Bobby shows how he loves the bizarre characters and whips his tail around.

This is another Bobby character with his gay voice, so it only helps prove a case for the question...

Does Bobby Moynihan have any non-gay characters?

Time will tell.


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