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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bobby Moynihan scores 9th place for the Russell Brand SNL episode

9 (tie). Abby Elliott, Bobby Moynihan (10 points): Neither one of these Featured Players has shown much this season. Will either be able to get a character that’s worthy of recurring spots before the season’s out? That’s the big question that will determine whether each of these performers are able to take the next step in their SNL careers, or if they’ll go the way of Chris Parnell or Rachel Dratch (moderately well-liked SNL performers who hang around for a long time but no one really cares much when they leave).

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in Spider-man Lawsuit (SNL)

Commercial - Gublin & Green

Fred Armisen ... Frank Gublin
Vanessa Bayer ... client
Paul Brittain ... victim
Steve Higgins ... announcer (voice)
Taran Killam ... actor
Bobby Moynihan ... client
Nasim Pedrad ... victim
Jay Pharoah ... victim
Andy Samberg ... actor

The law firm of Gublin and Green will represent anyone injured watching or acting in 'Spider-Man' on Broadway.

Again, Bobby was only in two skits this week, and this was one of them.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in Ultimate Vacation Giveaway (SNL)

Show - Ultimate Vacation Giveaway

Russell Brand ... Gregory Evans
Abby Elliott ... Kelly Jarell
Taran Killam ... Stevie Dix
Bobby Moynihan ... mailman
Kenan Thompson ... Derrick Amounts
Kristen Wiig ... Cheryl Bryant

Host Cheryl Bryant surprises Gregory Slims on live TV with a dream vacation, but has a hard time getting him excited.

Bobby supports in the third one of these Kristen Wiig skits.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Bobby Moynihan - answers your Twitter questions on Jimmy Fallon

SNL cast member Bobby Moynihan answers your questions submitted via Twitter!

He likes the Calculator (written by Fred) and Amusement Park (written by Taran) sketches.

He doesn't like being sprayed down in orange for Snooki.

Bobby wrote the Twilight Zone sketch! Makes sense, because he was the Gremlin, and it was very John Belushi of him.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Remembering a Bobby Moynihan Snooki appearance

Bobby Moynihan’s SNOOKI stopped by SNL one night. She definitely brightened up the Weekend Update desk. Haha because she’s like really orange. Ok maybe that wasn’t that funny. Anywho, just like Nasim Pedrad I adore Mr. Moynihan. And really any impression he does, yeah I’m a sucker for it.

Ok so here’s some Snooki greatness:

“A sailor he tried to make out with me and I really thought he was the one and it turned out he had scurvy and he just wanted me for the vitamins.”

“Sometimes I confuse myself. The other day I was sitting on my deck watching juice-heads and eating Cheetos and I accidentally ate 2 of my fingers. I’m only effin’ with you Seth, I just ate one.”

Snooki: You know you can always call me PJ?

Seth Meyers: Oh I feel like I’m walking into something here. What does the “PJ” stand for?

Snooki: Prison Jumpsuit.

Seth Meyers: Okay I’m still with you, why?

Snooki: Because I’m bright orange and once I’m on you, you really start to question the life decisions that led you to this point.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bobby Moynihan SNL Review (Dana Carvey episode)

Church Lady – This one gets off to a good start, the writing seems stronger. I love Nasim Pedrad, Abby Elliott and Vanessa Bayer as the Kardashian sisters, they really nail it. (Side-note: I was really stoked when I saw Abby Elliott outside of a restaurant downtown on Wednesday night, but couldn’t work up the nerve to say anything.) “I’m Khloe and I’m third.” I understand that Carvey really wants to bask in the glory of his first “Isn’t that special?” in a decade, but the pause he takes feels a bit like grandstanding to me. Bobby Moynihan comes out as Snooki, which the crowd always loves, but it’s probably my least favorite recurring “character.” Moynihan is super talented, but his Snooki is lame, getting by on the “hilarity” of a fat guy in a dress. “Oooh, a Guido! You’re hot, make out with me!” Carvey makes it work, though. The Church Lady definitely ages better than Wayne’s World. Really, Justin Bieber? This dude is everywhere. He’s at the Knicks games, on Jon Stewart, now SNL. I have Bieber fever, I think, and it’s going to kill me. Church Lady is getting turned on by Bieber, that’s an interesting twist. Wow, this skit is nine minutes long, that’s ridiculous. People complain about skits on SNL going on too long, but lately they’ve mostly been under five minutes. Wayne’s World was six minutes, this one was nine, the monologue was six, that’s like a third of the show’s actual running time spent on three pieces. Crazy. But the Church Lady skit was the best so far, a welcome return. 7.5/10



Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in Sports Bar (SNL skit)

Sketch - Sports Bar

Dana Carvey ... musician
Fred Armisen ... musician
Paul Brittain ... musician
Bill Hader ... musician
Taran Killam ... Patrick
Bobby Moynihan ... patron
Jason Sudeikis ... patron
Kenan Thompson ... patron

It's Super Bowl weekend and 'The Fingerlings' annoy all the patrons of a Green Bay Packers bar with their song choice.

Hahahaha. I love Dana's expression, Jason makes a good sporty dude, and Bobby's angry look here is hilarious!

So the song itself isn't overly funny. This was obviously out of Fred's head. Fred actually came from the music industry before he was a comedian, so he finds ways to integrate his music into the show.

Taran Killam comes on at the end and outdances Dana Carvey. Wow Taran. You need to write yourself into the show so that people can see what you can do.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Bobby Moynihan is Snooki in Church Chat (SNL)

Show - Church Chat

Dana Carvey ... Church Lady
Justin Bieber
Vanessa Bayer ... Kourtney Kardashian
Abby Elliott ... Khloé Kardashian
Bill Hader ... Father Sabatino
Phil Hartman ... announcer (voice)
Bobby Moynihan ... Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi
Nasim Pedrad ... Kim Kardashian
Jason Sudeikis ... Jesus (voice)

The church lady welcomes the Kardashian sisters, Snooki and Justin Bieber, who has a profound effect on her.

Bonus that they used old Phil Hartman (who is deceased) recordings to announce Wayne's World and Church Chat.

Hahahaha. Bobby is so funny as Snooki, and this was a fresh way to show off the impression. Snooki's demon took over the priest! Hahahaha.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in "Bad News" SNL Commercial

Commercial - Deidra Wurtz: Downsizing Expert

Jesse Eisenberg ... employee
Vanessa Bayer ... employee
Paul Brittain ... employee
Abby Elliott ... Deidra Wurtz
Steve Higgins ... announcer (voice)
Taran Killam ... employee
Bobby Moynihan ... employee
Nasim Pedrad ... woman
Jay Pharoah ... employee
Kristen Wiig ... woman

Have some bad news you really don't want to break? Hire Deidra Wurtz - people like her!

This was most likely shot the previous week when Jesse Eisenberg hosted. And then it probably didn't make it past dress rehearsal (or perhaps it wasn't done on time). Regardless, it was played this week, and it's decently funny. Bobby just gives a look here. Nice beard scruff!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bobby Moynihan takes 12th in the Movieline Review

12. Bobby Moynihan (Last Week: 10) Other than a supporting role in “Spa Talk” and a brief appearance in “Estro-maxx,” a quiet night for Moynihan.


I think this is a fair ranking for Bobby. He was only in two skits, but his appearance Extro-Maxx commercial was pretty funny.

I think I agree that Andy owned the night, but I disagree the most with putting Nasim so low. Her Mr. Wizard character should have put her in second place.


Friday, February 4, 2011

Did Bobby Moynihan and SNL make GLAAD mad?

0:46 (wide-shot of character in pink women’s shirt and tight jeans walking through an airport security checkpoint. Camera shifts to closeup on character’s face as head spins around, revealing Bobby Moynihan with several days worth of stubble.) (*laugh*) I’m becoming the person I want to be. And without the hassle. Thanks, Estro-Maxx! (spins and walks through x-ray machine.)


From a pure script standpoint, this sketch is not at all anti-transgender and is actually rather respectful. In fact, some transgender people might agree with lines like “nature got in the way.” But the fact that the sketch gets all of its laughs from visual gags, aside from Brittain’s line, undermines that respect entirely. In fact, the respectful dialogue almost makes the sketch even worse, and here’s why.
By having the actors play these transgender characters more like straight men, this sketch is telegraphing how it really feels about transgender people; they’re actors, pretenders, and ‘men in dresses.’ Two of the characters even have obvious facial hair, one of whom has purposefully groomed his into a mustache. And by playing their appearances for laughs, the sketch is telling the audience that no matter how seriously transgender people take themselves, that doesn’t mean you have to take them seriously.

Excerpts from:

I guess GLAAD is a little upset at this commercial. It was definitely disturbing to watch. Their points aren't all off base, but they didn't mention how else SNL would have made the skit so funny. Giving straight men female body parts is the only way to make this so funny.



Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in the SNL Goodnight

Jesse Eisenberg wraps up the show with Nicki Minaj, Mark Zuckerberg and the SNL cast!

Bobby's on the far right.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bobby Moynihan - Estro-Maxx commercial (SNL)

Commercial - Once Daily Estro-Maxx

Fred Armisen ... guy
Paul Brittain ... guy
Bill Hader ... guy
Bobby Moynihan ... guy
Kenan Thompson ... TSA agent
Kristen Wiig ... announcer (voice)

Having a sex change just became a whole lot easier with Estro-maxx, a once-a-day pill.

Bobby comes in at 1:10. This is funny but so wrong!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in Spa Talk (SNL)

Show - Spa Talk

Jesse Eisenberg ... son
Vanessa Bayer ... Mrs. Venetti
Abby Elliott ... Denise Wayson
Steve Higgins ... announcer (voice)
Bobby Moynihan ... Mr. Venetti
Kenan Thompson ... Daniel Wayson
Kristen Wiig ... Tyla Yonders

A place designed for relaxation can be a rather stressful environment.

New character for Kristen Wiig! Bobby plays the husband when the second group comes out.


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