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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bobby Moynihan SNL Review (Dana Carvey episode)

Church Lady – This one gets off to a good start, the writing seems stronger. I love Nasim Pedrad, Abby Elliott and Vanessa Bayer as the Kardashian sisters, they really nail it. (Side-note: I was really stoked when I saw Abby Elliott outside of a restaurant downtown on Wednesday night, but couldn’t work up the nerve to say anything.) “I’m Khloe and I’m third.” I understand that Carvey really wants to bask in the glory of his first “Isn’t that special?” in a decade, but the pause he takes feels a bit like grandstanding to me. Bobby Moynihan comes out as Snooki, which the crowd always loves, but it’s probably my least favorite recurring “character.” Moynihan is super talented, but his Snooki is lame, getting by on the “hilarity” of a fat guy in a dress. “Oooh, a Guido! You’re hot, make out with me!” Carvey makes it work, though. The Church Lady definitely ages better than Wayne’s World. Really, Justin Bieber? This dude is everywhere. He’s at the Knicks games, on Jon Stewart, now SNL. I have Bieber fever, I think, and it’s going to kill me. Church Lady is getting turned on by Bieber, that’s an interesting twist. Wow, this skit is nine minutes long, that’s ridiculous. People complain about skits on SNL going on too long, but lately they’ve mostly been under five minutes. Wayne’s World was six minutes, this one was nine, the monologue was six, that’s like a third of the show’s actual running time spent on three pieces. Crazy. But the Church Lady skit was the best so far, a welcome return. 7.5/10



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