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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bobby Moynihan - Is Guy Fieri (Obama Cold Open)

SNL Weekend Update Thursday, 9/24/09

Bobby Moynihan pulls out one of his funniest impressions in Guy Fieri:

Cold Open: Obama's Healthcare Interviews

Also includes some Weekend Update and Fred changes from Obama to Governor Patterson.

Nasim Pedrad's first SNL appearance, and it's on a Weekend Update Thursday! Congrats to Nasim for a quick and early appearance!

She also nailed her first impression, Kathy Griffin:

It's not saying a ton, but this is also the best Kathy Griffin impression that SNL has had yet (Ana Gasteyer in 98 and Chris Kattan in 2003; neither got follow up performances).

Abby Elliott adds another impression to her growing armada... Kristin Cavallari (and Fred's silence makes it even funnier). Here's Abby's Kristin:

Abby has also done Angelina Jolie 3 times and these other celebs once: Chloƫ Sevigny, Jamie Lynn Spears, Joan Cusack, and Rachel Maddow.

Abby needs some characters though!!!

Fred Armisen has done Governor Patterson 4 times in 2 seasons and has done Barack Obama 15 times in 3 seasons (this season just started, though).


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