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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bobby Moynihan - SNL Statistics, 9/26/09 - Megan Fox & U2

SNL, 9/26/09 - Megan Fox & U2

Total appearances in this episode...

Megan Fox 9
U2 3
Brian Austin Green 1

Cast members:

Kristen Wiig 5
Bill Hader 5 (but 3 were voices and 1 was filmed)
Fred Armisen 4
Bobby Moynihan 4
Will Forte 4
Jenny Slate 4 (1 voice and 1 taped)
Abby Elliott 2
Jason Sudeikis 2
Kenan Thompson 2
Nasim Pedrad 2 (1 voice)
Andy Samberg 2
John Lutz 1
Seth Meyers 1
Emily Spivey 1 (voice only)

Bobby Moynihan has a strong showing, including the most talked about piece, as the naked Optimus Prime. He also gives us his recurring character, the classic audience member. So this was a good run for Bobby!

Darrell Hammond was not in this episode. I think Darrell's final negotiations for this season are that he's off the show and occasionally stopping by to do his impressions.

Jenny Slate fires on all guns, getting into 4 skits for her first episode and introduces us to the biker chick characters with Kristen Wiig (including Kristen in a character skit is a wise first move, because it will probably get a sequel). However, firing on all guns also resulted in the curse flub (see my earlier notes in the biker chicks skit).

Nasim Pedrad didn't give us much here, but she did give us a great Kathy Griffin impression last Thursday. She'll need to up her game.

Andy Samberg was underutilized.

Kevin Lutz appears in the Flight Attendant sketch (wearing glasses at the bottom of the shot of all the passengers). Kevin is an SNL writer (since 2004) and he's an actor on 30 Rock. This is Kevin's 16th appearance on SNL in a bit role.

Emily Spivey is a writer on SNL since 2001, and she's appeared as an audience member and in other bit roles 4 times now. Emily is sitting next to Kevin on the bottom of the wide shot.

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