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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Did Bobby write Andy Samberg's Shep skit?

Andy Samberg plays Shep, a University of Connecticut senior.

The latest "Saturday Night Live" character is a senior from the University of Connecticut.

As portrayed by Andy Samberg, the goofy looking UConn student named Shep has big plastic rimmed glasses with thick lenses, braces on his teeth, Spider-man on his T-shirt and not a lot of sexual experience. That was the basis of the sketch between Shep and Seth Myers on "SNL Weekend Update Thursday" about his being the only one in his dorm to miss getting swine flu, mainly because nobody has been in contact with him.

No reason why it was the UConn that was cited as his school. At this point it's never clear whether it's a homage to a specific person or just a random detail. One of the newer members of the ensemble, Bobby Moynihan, however, is a UConn grad, so maybe he had a hand in assigning a school for the holder of the Loopner legacy.

Either way, it's another feather in the cap of a place that regularly pops up on lists of top party schools.


Saturday Night Live is on tonight! I hope Bobby busts out his Nathan Lane impression again!


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