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Monday, October 5, 2009

Bobby Moynihan - Tries to give Andy Samberg an energy drink (Digital Short: On The Ground)

SNL 10/03/09 - Ryan Reynolds & Lady Gaga

Digital Short: On The Ground

Alternate Title: "I'm An Adult"

Andy throws things on the ground and meets a shocking end.

Ryan Reynolds ... Himself
Elijah Wood ... Himself
Bobby Moynihan ... Salesman
Andy Samberg ... Singer
Jenny Slate ... Girlfriend
Bryan Tucker ... Salesman

Musically, the song sounds like "Like a Boss." However, this is an original piece that is unique and hilarious. They are constantly taking you in a new direction with the same "ground" gag. This is also a great use of Ryan Reynolds (and Elijah Wood) to get him involved in a digital short song in a humorous way. Elijah's expression when they're tasing Andy is HILARIOUS!!!

Also, Bryan Tucker (an SNL writer) appears as the hot dog man. Bryan is known for playing Roy in "Roy Rules." Good to see Jenny Slate in an SNL Digital Short (she knows what's up), and Bobby Moynihan also has a strong role (as the energy drink guy).

Bobby Moynihan pulls out a memorable appearance as the energy drink salesman.

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