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Monday, April 19, 2010

Bobby Moynihan is Anthony Crispino on Weekend Update

Bobby Moynihan ... Anthony Crispino, second-hand news correspondent

Anthony heard this thing from some guy.

Bobby cracked a smile when Seth made fun of him looking around, but then he followed it up like an ace with a long look to our left. =^)

And according to Anony, Bobby said "Islip," a town on Long Island.

Finally a new original character from Bobby Moynihan! Hilarious, and the audience loves it! Great job Bobby!



Anonymous said...

He didn't say "Iceland" the first time, he said "Islip" a town on long island.

The Animation Empire said...

Thanks Anony! That's my mistake. I'm changing it.


Anonymous said...

hey anthonycrispino is MY name

Lowbrow Clothing said...


Anonymous said...

Hey... Did you hear about the world bank?... Yeah, their going bankrupt.
Everyone's closing their accounts, cause they found out that the world bank has been raping Africa for years now.... yeah.

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