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Monday, April 18, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in SNL's Best of Both Worlds (no vid)

Bobby's in a non-impression role in this Hugh Jackman show. Unfortunately the skit was not put online, probably due to music copyright issues.

Show - The Best of Both Worlds

Helen Mirren ... Julie Andrews
Bill Hader ... announcer (voice)
Taran Killam ... Gerard Butler
Bobby Moynihan ... Richie
Andy Samberg ... Hugh Jackman
Kenan Thompson ... Ice Cube

This is the first time Andy (and anyone on SNL) has done Hugh Jackman. It looks like Andy's Hugh was the host.

I think it's hilarious that Andy's Hugh Jackman is a combination of Wolverine hair and Hugh's tux. (Reminds me of how Taran did his Ian McKellan impression as Ian dressed as Gandalf.) In fact, Taran does a similar thing in this skit with his Gerard Butler impression, dressed as King Leonidas from 300. Hilarious!

First time that Ice Cube (by Kenan Thompson) was done on SNL.

And it's the first time that Taran Killam (or anyone) played Gerard Butler. Although Gerard himself was on SNL and played a parody of his King Leonidas character.

Helen Mirren played Julie Andrews. Julie has only been parodied directly once on SNL by Christine Baranski back in 1996, on Molly Shannon's Courtney Love show:

Although Ann Hathaway played Mary Poppins a few years back.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bobby Moynihan was in Helen Mirren's SNL monologue (no vid)

Unfortunately, Bobby was in Helen's monologue this week, and NBC did not put it online (I already skimmed the full episode and made sure it was cut out of that as well). The reason is usually that they used music in the show that they don't have the rights to. Come on, NBC! Step up your game!

Don't make Wolverine Andy angry (this is from a Between Two Worlds skit from that same episode that was also not shown online):

And here's a little info about the monologue...


Helen Mirren
Paul Brittain
Bill Hader
Taran Killam
Bobby Moynihan
Andy Samberg
Kenan Thompson

Apparently the SNL dudes were a bunch of sailors. =^)


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in Perspectives Photo Studios (SNL commercial)

Commercial - Perspectives Photo Studios

Paul Brittain ... customer
Bill Hader ... Curt Ponzovski
Taran Killam ... customer
Seth Meyers
Bobby Moynihan ... model
Nasim Pedrad ... friend
Jason Sudeikis ... spokesperson
Kristen Wiig ... Rhonda

Fellas, thinking about sexting a picture of your member? Allow the professionals at Perspectives Photo Studio to ensure it's camera ready.

Hahahahaha. Oh, SNL. You so funny.

Nice use of the Statue of Liberty. The family photo was pretty funny.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (SNL)

Sketch - Mary Shelley

Helen Mirren ... Mary Shelley
Fred Armisen ... Frank Stein
Paul Brittain ... Igor
Bill Hader ... guest
Bill Hader ... announcer (voice)
Bobby Moynihan ... guest
Jason Sudeikis ... guest
Kristen Wiig ... guest

While friends gather to celebrate Mary Shelley's novel, 'Frankenstein,' her landlord shows up and has some questions.

Hahahaha. Good writing.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Bobby Moynihan is a bee in the Helen Miren SNL Digital Short

Bobby Moynihan appeared in an amazing 8 skits this week! Congrats to Bobby!


Nasim Pedrad goes to a special place after Helen Mirren allows her to touch her breasts.

Film - SNL Digital Short: Helen Mirren's Magical Bosom

Helen Mirren
Dave Grohl
Bobby Moynihan ... dancing bee
Nasim Pedrad
Andy Samberg ... saint
Kristen Wiig

Wow. I think my favorite part of this was actually Bobby Moynihan who just brought the bee costume back! SNL did the bees their first season in 75, but it was John Belushi who really pushed and owned the bee movement.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in Knights of the Realm (SNL)

Bobby helps sell the jar gag at the beginning.

When a dragon attacks London, England's most recognizable knights devise a plan to stop it.

Sketch - Knights of the Realm

Elton John
Tom Hanks ... Michael Caine
Fred Armisen ... Ringo Starr
Paul Brittain ... Barnaby Xavier St. Hidgens III
Bill Hader ... Richard Branson
Taran Killam ... Ian McKellen
Seth Meyers ... announcer (voice)
Bobby Moynihan ... shopkeeper
Andy Samberg ... Bono
Kenan Thompson ... Sir Mix-A-Lot
Kristen Wiig ... Diedre


This is Tom Hanks' first attempt at Michael Caine. Caine has also had impressions done twice by Phil Hartman and once by Seth Meyers. Ringo Starr was also played by Jon Lovitz (3 times). Bill Hader is the only one on SNL who has played Richard Branson (3 times). Taran holds the first and only SNL impression of Ian McKellan. Kenan is the only SNLer to do Sir Mix-a-lot, and this is his second time (who can forget Sir Mix-a-lot's Photo Shop?).

This is Andy's first attempt at Bono. Bono has also been played by Alec Baldwin (once), Adam Sandler (twice), Chris Kattan (twice), and Colin Farrell (once).


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bobby Moynihan is a cowboy with Elton John (SNL)

A cowboy from the future finds himself very out of place in an old west saloon.

Sketch Cowboy
Elton John ... Bruce
Bill Hader ... bartender
Taran Killam ... cowboy
Bobby Moynihan ... cowboy
Jason Sudeikis ... cowboy
Kristen Wiig ... Crystal

Hahahaha. I don't know what to say. It was interesting.


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