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Friday, February 5, 2010

Bobby Moynihan - apologizes to a fan for wearing a skull cap

Grace had this to say about visiting the last episode of SNL:

hahaha yeah there were two skits cut i believe. there was one where Fred Armisen was making fun of some guy with an iPad and how they made animal sounds on it (it wasn't funny at all..haha sorry fred) and then there was another one called "who's the host?" with john hamm jason sudekis kristen wiig and kenan and it was really really confusing as to who was the host but it turned out everyone was? i think everyone was confused so they just cut it haha. and then there was a barnes and noble one that i think they cut out, but it might be in the end of the live one!!

it was so awesome though, i can't wait to go back. i saw the back of andy's head and a split second of his face. but no i didn't meet him. i took a picture of abby, nasim and jenny though! on someone else's camera.

and i saw bobby moynihan after the show and he was apologizing to me because he was still in his bald cap! hahaha it was awesome!


That's awesome that Bobby was apologizing for wearing the skull cap!


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