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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in Sports Bar (SNL skit)

Sketch - Sports Bar

Dana Carvey ... musician
Fred Armisen ... musician
Paul Brittain ... musician
Bill Hader ... musician
Taran Killam ... Patrick
Bobby Moynihan ... patron
Jason Sudeikis ... patron
Kenan Thompson ... patron

It's Super Bowl weekend and 'The Fingerlings' annoy all the patrons of a Green Bay Packers bar with their song choice.

Hahahaha. I love Dana's expression, Jason makes a good sporty dude, and Bobby's angry look here is hilarious!

So the song itself isn't overly funny. This was obviously out of Fred's head. Fred actually came from the music industry before he was a comedian, so he finds ways to integrate his music into the show.

Taran Killam comes on at the end and outdances Dana Carvey. Wow Taran. You need to write yourself into the show so that people can see what you can do.


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