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Friday, June 18, 2010

Bobby Moynihan - When In Rome (on Blu-ray)

When In Rome is now on Blu-ray, and to celebrate it, here's a bad review of Bobby Moynihan:

And speaking of intolerable, "SNL" star Bobby Moynihan pops up now and then to screech like a wounded monkey as Nick's beer-swilling, improv-silly BFF, tearing around the frame as if there wasn't even a director on-set.

Read the full review here:

Now about THE BLU-RAY:


The AVC encoded image (2.35:1 aspect ratio) preserves the golden cinematographic intention of the film, which provides a glow to the Roman antics to submit a proper romantic mood.


The 5.1 DTS-HD sound mix provides a full sonic experience, with heavy emphasis on slapstick acrobatics and soundtrack selections, which retain a proper punch of low-end beats to help the movie bounce along.


"Alternate Opening & Ending" (7:17) includes Beth's first-act encounter with a drunk partygoer and tough security, and a last-act gag with a mummified Jon Heder.

"Crazy Casanovas: Mischief from the Set" (12:28) is a making-of featurette, interviewing cast and crew about their experiences on the set and how well they interacted with one another. At one point, Kristen Bell is described as having "the body of a young woman and the soul of the Marx Brothers." That's exactly that type of promotional gobbledygook being served here.

"Extended Pain with the Suitors" (2:39) is actually the original title of "When in Rome." I kid. The supplement consists of three brief deleted scenes with the smitten boobs as they participate in an art installation.

"Kerplunk! Bloopers from Rome" (3:07) is a dreary affair, showcasing tired mix-em-ups from the cast as they deal with faulty improvisations and props.

"Deleted Scenes" (7:45) bring around more hysteria for Beth as she attempts to reverse the curse and juggle male advances, offers more sexual forwardness from Al, extended mummification with Lance, spies a naked lady painting of our heroine, and includes a brief scene with the suitors as they submit a few more jokes.

"Music Videos" for "Starstrukk" (by 3OH!3 Featuring Katy Perry) and "Stupid Love Letter" (by Friday Night Boys) are presented.


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