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Monday, May 9, 2011

Bobby Moynihan in Bedelia (Sleepover)

Bedelia (Bedilia) loves her mom, a lot.

I never noticed this before, but Nasim Pedrad picked her Bedelia mom as Tina Fey and dad as Alec Baldwin. I wonder if she did that to pitch this skit whenever Tina or Alec are on (which is a lot).

However, this is getting old and stale. She loves her parents instead of her friends. Got it. We don't really need more of these, do we?

Bobby supports well as a high school guy. Taran's nerd actually steals the show (and makes me want to see more of him).

Bedelia's previous (and second) appearance was with Alec Baldwin as her dad (so this week's one is the third time for the skit). As you'll see, it ends the same as the last one, but Taran's role (probably a different character) was played by Bill Hader:

Daddy's little girl needs to spend more time with her peers. (This last one with Alec Baldwin was a little funnier.)


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