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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bobby Moynihan is Mohawk in Millionaire Matchmaker (SNL)

Patti has her hands full with Candice, a not-so-attractive lawyer, but takes on the challenge to find her love.

Bobby rocks the mohawk!

Oh my gawsh! No way! Do you guys see it??? This is Vanessa Bayer's way of getting back (by poking fun at herself and acknowledging what happened).

You see, Vanessa had her old online Dating video leaked a few weeks back, and it makes her look a little boring...

So... this skit starts out with a similar video and heads to the next step. Coincidence, or Vanessa "fighting back?"

Other bits that connect... She basically received a lot of hateful comments, including talking about her frizzy hair, so for this character she made the frizzy hair a lot more extreme. And then people asked who the heck would go for her from that video... and the answer in this skit is Taran's version of the same annoying and boring person (but in guy form).


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