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Monday, November 9, 2009

Bobby Moynihan - is a frank (Firelight)

SNL Digital Short - firelight

Taylor Swift ... Stella
Fred Armisen ... teacher
Abby Elliott ... Frank
Will Forte ... ranger
Bill Hader ... Phillip Frank
Bobby Moynihan ... frank
Nasim Pedrad ... friend
Andy Samberg ... guy
Andy Samberg ... Lomax
Jenny Slate ... friend
Jason Sudeikis ... frank
Kenan Thompson ... frank

Two worlds collide in this Twilight parody.

This is an amusing Twilight parody. Andy plays the cool guy at the beginning (looks like a vampire). And then later on he also plays a mummy. Glad he got in the digital short this week. Interestingly, Andy also made fun of Twilight appearing in it during the MTV Movie Awards opening. Taylor Swift also appeared in that short, where she asked Andy out to a dance. So here we are again with another Twilight parody!

Bobby has a nice milk gag.


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