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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bobby Moynihan - Knows the Boss!!! (Andy Samberg SNL digital short)

Film SNL Digital Short: Like a Boss

Boss-like in every way

Seth Rogen ... interviewer
Abby Elliott ... coworker
Bill Hader ... coworker
Bobby Moynihan ... coworker
Paula Pell ... coworker
Andy Samberg
Jason Sudeikis ... coworker
Jorma Taccone ... mail guy
Akiva Schaeffer ... gun guy
Kristen Wiig ... Debra
Casey Wilson ... coworker

Bobby plays one of Andy's coworkers here. Not a ton of Bobby, but they wrote this song with randomness in mind, not to make the best possible use of cast members.

This song is from Andy's The Lonely Island CD, Incredibad. Fans want Boombox next, but this one made sense because the voice features Andy Samberg. Looks like they remixed the intro voice to use Seth Rogen's voice. Jorma Taccone makes a guest appearance as the mail man, and Akiva makes a guest appearance as the man who sells Andy the gun (which is appropriate, as members of The Lonely Island). We also see Paula Pell (a writer) in one of her rare face appearances (usually she just lends her voice).


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