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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bobby Moynihan - Is Gonzo (with Seth Rogen and Andy Samberg)

Muppets Hit & Run

The Muppets have a run-in with the law.

Seth Rogen ... Rowlf
Fred Armisen ... Zoot
Will Forte ... Kermit
Bill Hader ... Animal
Bobby Moynihan ... Gonzo
Andy Samberg ... Swedish Chef
Jason Sudeikis ... Fozzie
Kenan Thompson ... Nipsey Russell
Michaela Watkins ... Janice
Kristen Wiig ... Beaker

I've got to admit... Bobby didn't do anything super hilarious here with his Gonzo impression. Try again Bobby! We know you can come up with some funny Gonzo stuff!!!

Nice chicken.

Andy's third skit as the Swedish Chef. His first skit was the Swedish Chef ringtones in his first, 05-06 season. Second, he returned last season (07-08) with the Muppets band, where Maya Rudolph played the woman, Janice, Hader played Animal, and Seth Rogen (the host then too) played Rowlf. Now the Muppets return with even more characters including Beaker (Kristen is hard to recognize here), Kermit, Gonzo (yay Bobby!), and Fozzie the Bear.

I think the funniest new addition here was actually Jason Sudeikis as Fozzy. I liked that Bobby was holding a chicken. Andy got a good laugh when slapping Beaker and talking to him in um, smorgy borgy.

What, no Miss Piggy? I think Casey or Abby could do a good job with it.


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