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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bobby Moynihan - Was in 3 skits on Saturday

Bobby Moynihan was doing a little better. He was in 3 skits on Saturday.

Bobby's three skits...

1. Cold Open: Blagojevich Hearing

Jim Downey ... Announcer (voice)
Will Forte ... Evan Bayh
Bill Hader ... Robert Byrd
Darrell Hammond ... Christopher Dodd
Bobby Moynihan ... Richard Shelby
Jason Sudeikis ... Rod Blagojevich
Kristen Wiig ... Patti Blagojevich
Casey Wilson ... Elizabeth Dole

Recurring Characters: Robert Byrd, Evan Bayh, Christopher Dodd, Elizabeth Dole.

2. Wedding Toasts

Hugh Laurie ... Bob Kemp
Fred Armisen ... Guest
Abby Elliott ... Tina Culhane
Will Forte ... Guest
Bobby Moynihan ... Guest
Andy Samberg ... David Culhane
Jason Sudeikis ... Emcee
Michaela Watkins ... Aunt Joanie
Kristen Wiig ... Gayle

Summary: Offbeat members of the Culhane family continuously interrupt the emcee (Jason Sudeikis) at the wedding reception of David (Andy Samberg) and Tina (Abby Elliot).

3. An SNL Digital Short: Cookies

Hugh Laurie ... Tom
Fred Armisen ... Marcus
Abby Elliott ... Lisa
Will Forte ... Employee
Bobby Moynihan ... Employee
Jason Sudeikis ... Employee
Kenan Thompson ... Employee
Michaela Watkins ... Employee

Summary: As the boss (Hugh Laurie) announces impending company layoffs, employee Marcus (Fred Armisen) can't keep his hands off what he thinks are delicious cookies.


So is Bobby getting annoying? A few people said that all his characters are the same gay-man voice, just dressed differently. Is this true?

Was his Lenny character from Of Mice and Men the same voice? Was his son of Vinny character the same voice? We don't think so.

But, yes, most of his characters do use a gay voice. Let's give it some time and see if he's got any funny macho or slob characters. Take the Wedding Toast for example. I thought Bobby was the funniest one there, and he had the shortest time in that skit, and he wasn't being a gay character.

So I think Bobby is going to go places.


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