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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bobby Moynihan - Was in only one skit on 12/6/08

Bobby got hosed this week!!!

Check it out:

Andy Samberg - 6

John Malkovich - 6

Fred Armisen - 5

Kristen Wiig - 5

Kenan Thompson - 4

Casey Wilson - 3

Will Forte - 2

Bill Hader - 2

Amy Poehler - 2

Michaela Watkins- 2

Justin Timberlake 1

Abby Elliott - 1

Darrell Hammond - 1

Seth Meyers - 1

Bobby Moynihan - 1

Jorma Taccone - 1

Overall: Where's Jason Sudeikis? Is he out or just taking a break? It looks like SNL has a strong enough cast, where they can have Andy Samberg carry the show, where as Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig have been carrying it lately (Kristen was in 7 on Nov 22, and Fred was in 6). Then others like Will Forte, Jason Sudeikis, Kenan Thompson, and Bill Hader have been relied on more in the past. Not to mention that Amy Poehler used to carry the show quite a bit.

So it's refreshing to see Andy get used in so many different roles!!! Make use of his talents!

This is also Jorma's biggest role!

Meanwhile Abby continues to get the shaft. Earn it, Abby. Do something before you get type cast and dumped like your not-terribly funny father, Chris Elliott.

And then Bobby Moynihan has trouble getting the roles that Michaela and Casey are getting, because SNL was hurting for women, and Bobby's in a major competition for the male roles. He has to try twice as hard and pump out the memorable characters to get the face time he deserves. You can do it, Bobby! We love your characters!!!



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