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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Good Bobby Moynihan SNL Review - Robert De Niro gets some help

This image is from the Bobby Moynihan Keith skit:

Robert De Niro 's hosting stint on "Saturday Night Live" on Dec. 4 is an inconsistent blend of meta humor and just plain odd moments, but with a little help from his "Little Fockers" co-star Ben Stiller, pulls together some funny, but not really hilarious moments.


"Little Fockers Set Visit"

Little Keith (Bobby Moynihan) can't believe he's on the "Little Fockers" set (wow!) and ate from craft services (wow!) and looked through the camera viewfinder (wow!). But when De Niro (playing himself yet again) arrives, Keith could care less. In fact, he's kind of antagonistic. When De Niro tells him that the makeup guy's job is to make him look good, Keith's response is "Where was he when you made 'Analyze That'?" Ouch. A surprise guest appearance by Ben Stiller brings the skit home.

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Overall, the author doesn't seem to like the episode, but he does like the Keith skit. Great job, Bobby!


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