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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bobby Moynihan is a Thing in The Twilight Zone (SNL skit)

Sketch: The Twilight Zone

There is something on the wing.

Jude Law ... husband
Pearl Jam
Abby Elliott ... wife
Bill Hader ... Rod Serling
Bobby Moynihan ... thing
Nasim Pedrad ... stewardess
Jenny Slate ... thing

This is Bill Hader's first run at Rod Sterling from Twilight Zone.

Don't give him any originality points, though. Rod was lampooned starting in the second season of SNL by Dan Aykroyd. Dan ended up lampooning Twilight Zone on 11.20.1976, 02.18.1978, and 02.17.1979. Harry Shearer did a Rod impression in 1980, Brian Doyle-Murray did it twice in 1982, Norm MacDonald in 1997, and Matt Dillon did a Rod impression on 03.11.2006, in a Vincent Price special (where Hader was playing Vincent).

Still a good idea, though.


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