Bobby Moynihan - Hot Video - Corn Syrup Commercial, 3/12/11

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bobby Moynihan - in Boombox

Boombox (ft. Julian Casablancas)

Finally. Over a year later. This was worth the wait!

The video for Boombox is here! From The Lonely Island's debut album "INCREDIBAD", in stores now!

Directed By Kiv

That's Akiva getting picked up by (and dancing with) the cops.

I love the fingerless gloves shot and some hilarious dancing here! Fred Armisen does the Bart Man!

Bobby Moynihan steals from the old people!! (At least he doesn't make them run a sweat shop like Ben Stiller did in Happy Gilmore.)

I like how Julian breaks the vase on "not a toy!"

This was a good choice. =^)


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