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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bobby Moynihan - In the Vietnam Song skit

Here was another skit that Bobby was in on 5/16/09:

Musical Sketch: Vietnam Song

Will Ferrell ... Fritz
Green Day
Amy Poehler
Anne Hathaway
Artie Lange
Elisabeth Moss
Maya Rudolph
Norm MacDonald
Paul Rudd
Tom Hanks
Fred Armisen ... musician
Abby Elliott ... musician
Will Forte ... musician
Bill Hader ... Keith
Darrell Hammond ... Raymond Fadarico
Seth Meyers ... musician
Bobby Moynihan ... musician
Andy Samberg ... musician
Jason Sudeikis ... musician
Kenan Thompson ... friend
Michaela Watkins ... musician
Kristen Wiig ... musician
Casey Wilson ... musician

Yeah, this is what happens when you let Will Ferrell do whatever he wants. Still it's phenominal just to see all those stars up there with all the cast. Next time they should have TLI write the skit. That would probably involve more blood and bodies bursting. =^)


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