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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bobby Moynihan and Justin Timberlake - Target Lady SNL skit


Justin Timberlake ... Peg
Abby Elliott ... customer
Bobby Moynihan ... customer
Kenan Thompson ... customer
Kristen Wiig ... Target cashier

The Target lady has a friend.

I think Justin pretty much stole this skit from Kristen. Kristen's weird character was barely even noticable compared to Justin's weird character. It almost seems like Kristen's role might have been better suited for straight characters to play off of Justin Timberlake's weirdness.

This should be a repeat character for Justin. It's hilarious!

Bobby's doing some gardening. He starts at the beginning and leaves at about 4:38 left on the clock.

Bobby has some hilarious facial expressions here.

At about 3:02 left on the clock, Abby Elliot looks up to read the cue card and prepare for her next line. The actors try to do this more subtely when they are more experienced. No knock to Abby though. It's great to see SNL using her more.


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