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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bobby Moynihan on the Miley Cyrus Show (SNL)

Show - The Miley Cyrus Show

Bryan Cranston ... Billy Ray Cyrus
Vanessa Bayer ... Miley Cyrus
Paul Brittain ... Johnny Depp
Bobby Moynihan ... drummer
Andy Samberg ... actor

On the first episode of Miley's new show, Johnny Depp drops by.

So we get to see here why Vanessa Bayer got picked up for the show.

Honestly, I think Bobby's just there to give some more familiarity since both Vanessa and Paul are new. If it wasn't for Bobby and Andy, you wouldn't even know this was SNL. Of course, Bobby's up for anything, even if it's just a smiling role in the background.

Not impressed with Paul's Depp, even though he actually did a decent job.

I'm curious to see what else Vanessa has up her sleeves. I wonder if she has any interesting characters.


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