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Monday, August 2, 2010

Is Bobby Moynihan coming back to Saturday Night Live?

I think it would be crazy for him not to be invited back, but here's a wish list from Faith, and Bobby's not on the list...

The people on the cast of SNL are I think almost the same. Andy's staying. I think a black female will be introduced.

- Abby Elliott

- Bill Hader

- Seth Meyers

- Nasim Pedrad

- Andy Samberg

- Jason Sudeikis

- Kenan Thompson


- New Cast Member to Play Obama

- New White Guy

- New Female Cast Member


So Kristen already said she'd come back, and we know Bobby wouldn't miss it. Plus I don't know why Fred would leave. Will Forte is also missing from this list. Basically, my best guess is that Fred, Will, or Kenan would be the next to go. But with Kenan as the only black member, Fred doing most all the cold openings, Will playing a lot of the straight guy and every-man characters, and the fact that none of them have other options to go to, it might be awhile longer before they leave. Plus it doesn't look like Lorne has a bunch of hot shot young actors to bring in and mix it up, like he did in 2005 with Kristen, Andy, Jason, and Bill (which would mean more of a reason to phase out the older actors).


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