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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bobby Moynihan - When In Rome (info)

Bobby Moynihan is going to be in a film...

When in Rome

Release Date: 7 August 2009 (USA)

Director: Mark Steven Johnson

Beth Harper (Bell) is a young, successful real estate agent ... but she's completely unlucky in love. However, when the New Yorker travels to Rome to see her newlywed sister, she impulsively steals some coins from a reputed fountain of love, and is then aggressively pursued by a band of wannabe lovers.

Alexis Dziena ... Joan

Kristen Bell ... Beth Harper

Josh Duhamel ... Nick Beamon

Will Arnett

Danny DeVito

Anjelica Huston

Jon Heder

Dax Shepard

Keir O'Donnell ... Father Dino

Don Johnson

Kate Micucci ... Stacy Harper

Peter Donald Badalamenti II ... Ace Frehley

Alexa Havins ... Lacey

Bobby Moynihan ... Puck

Bobby plays Puck. Hey, it's a start!!!



The first images from the comedy When in Rome are now online as well as a mini behind the scenes set video. The flick is directed by Mark Steven Johnson (Ghost Rider, Daredevil) and stars Kristen Bell, Josh Duhamel, Will Arnett, Alexis Dziena, Jon Heder, Dax Shepard, Bobby Moynihan, Danny DeVito and Anjelica Huston. It opens September 18, 2009.

Bell stars as an ambitious young New Yorker, disillusioned with romance, who takes a whirlwind trip to Rome where she defiantly plucks magic coins from a “foolish” fountain of love, inexplicably igniting the passion of an odd group of suitors: a sausage magnate (DeVito), a street magician (Heder), an adoring painter (Arnett) and a self-admiring model (Shepard).

Check out the pics below.

No Bobby in the pics. =^(




On the 'When in Rome' Set with Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel!

KRISTEN BELL must fend off numerous suitors in 'When in Rome' -- including hunky JOSH DUHAMEL -- and ET is on the set of the fun romantic comedy!

"For some reason I keep doing movies with all boys; I need to do a movie with some girls, because I'm up to here with the testosterone, you know?" Kristen jokes with ET. "There's too many funny guys in this movie -- I'm really trying to compete."

The 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' star plays Beth, a successful-but-single curator at the Guggenheim museum in New York City who flies out to Rome for her sister's impulsive wedding. When in Rome, Beth picks up coins from the "fountain of love" -- and soon finds a quintet of suitors waiting for her back home! Is it a blessing, or a curse?

Josh leads the pack of possibilities in Kristen's male harem, but she also has to contend with the likes of self-absorbed suitor DAX SHEPARD, WILL ARNETT, an Italian Romeo stalking her halfway around the globe, and JON HEDER, a street magician who mines his talents to try to land Beth.

"There's literally four or five of us competing for the prize," explains Josh, "and for me it's more fun that way; it's less predictable."

Kristen comments that of her co-stars, "It's difficult to act with [Will] because I just laugh through all my lines," while she sarcastically describes the handsome Josh as "really an unfortunate-looking human being."

ANGELICA HUSTON and DANNY DeVITO round out the cast of the MARK STEVEN JOHNSON-directed comedy ('Ghost Rider,' 'Simon Birch'), which is filming on location in New York and Rome.



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