Bobby Moynihan - Hot Video - Corn Syrup Commercial, 3/12/11

Friday, October 3, 2008

Why are we doing a Bobby Moynihan blog?

While we weren't huge fans of his Pepper (Uno's) skit, it still took a lot for him to get a lead skit in his very first episode, the crowd enjoyed the skit thoroughly, and we've had several fans on our Andy Samberg blog:

Then, in his second episode, Bobby was the lead in the Of Mice and Men skit, and that's what did it for us and made us realize his genious. He went from a gay waiter who likes pepper in the first episode to a witty turn as Lenny who gets lied to in the second episode. Bobby Moynihan has something special, and we're sure he'll go on to great things. He's exactly what SNL needs right now. They need someone who can come in and do some clever characters. He's no Will Ferrell, but if he keeps it up, he might fill the "character" gap that's been missing on SNL since Will Ferrell owned it (with support from Molly, Cheri, and Chris Katan).


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